Late Night Sketching

Wednesday, May 17th 2017

Its a late night of watching MSNBC news reports with my mom, and I’m spending the time both learning about politics and spending some quite time with my mom. I should warn you I am not a political person but I am aware that I should at least be responsibility of being aware pf the decisions being made for me or rather without me.  None the less I can seem to stop thinking about two things

1 Is that sound Zoe waking up?

2 Starz American Gods!

I know none of these things are political yet they have taken over the main thoughts of my mind.

I never read a Neil Gaiman ” adult” book! I’ve read Coraline and I didn’t finish it… or I finished it and can’t remember if there was much of a difference compared to the animated movie. Don’t judge me! It was a long time ago! I’m getting old! The point is the last time I read a Neil Gaiman book was many bookshelves ago! None the less I fell in love with the second episode of American Gods episode featuring Orlando Jones as the West African and Caribbean folklore deity Anansi. Growing up in the Bahamas any spider that was “listening” to you in your home was ether Anansi or a servant of Anansi, regardlessif that was true I never liked spiders. Now that I am adult I am nolonger afraid of spider once my OBGYN doctor showed me my own uterus after giving birth. Trust me, after you seen your childs first apartment and you are in fact that “apartment” spiders are the least on your level of fear.  TRUST ME!

Back to the art! I love the speech Anansi (Orlando Jones) gave to the slaves in episode two of Starz American Gods! I also was traumatize by the idea of a Goddess of Love being so adored by her worshippers that they in fact cause adults to be practically swallowed by her GODLY VAGINA! Seriously Blisque how badass do you’re orgasms have to be to reborn someone! Even though I felt that see was visually odd I love the message of adornment and power. I also combined my feelings with Orlando Jones speech as Anansi to the newly captured slaves. Those two messages inspired me to draw an empowered woman. I’m not sure if I want her to be slave or just a African descendant who is both enslaved by her color and empowered by what it means to be Black in America. I hope that makes sense if not just focus on the pretty picture! 

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