LBO Ep 001: Lia and Larry How We First Meet!

Friday, December 30th 2016

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen! Ladyboys and ladygirls!
I am so very happy to be with you today to present to you my very first podcast! I really had a great time being interviewed by Sarah Wendell on her awesome blog/podcast on Smart Bitches Trashy Books podcast episode 193! If you haven’t heard the interview or of Sarah Wendell’s blog, you really need to click that link because you’re in for an amazing experiences! For those of you who already listened to the podcast and really enjoyed hearing my story, Thank you! Its truly because of all your kind words and support that I manage to turn all those sad feelings around and make his podcast today! Without any further hesitation I want to present you the first episode of the podcast as well as introduce you to my love and dearest best friend Larry Covington!  This podcast is just answering some of the questions peeps have had about how we meet! I really hope you enjoy our retelling about the first time we meet and how we feel in love!

Here are some photos of Larry and I throughout the years of us being togethe
r. I though you guys might enjoy seeing some photo-references of all the years that has gone past between us! From us dressing up as nerds at our friends Halloween party! Taking photos like the little Lady GaGa Monsters that we are!  Then theres the photo when we were just starting to
get real serious in our relationship, and I was getting really serious into Cyber Goth with my first set of cyber dread locks! I told you guys we meet in art school, all bets are off when you’re trying to achieve ultimate creative power *insert crazy evil laughter here*, and there is even a small example of my subtle eyebrows that I would do since I shaved off my eyebrows and replaced them, such as the fashion of Amanda Palmer did when she was apart of The Dresden Dolls ( I believe she still does them too!

Book Mentions

Thank you so much for listening to our adorkable first podcast! Please let me know what you think in the comments below! I’m truly excited to hear what you guys though about the show! Let me know if you would like Larry to join me on some more podcast! What other questions do you have or just tell me how you’re feeling! I just want to hear from you’re lovely faces! Have a great day you guys! Love Yea!


4 Responses to: LBO Ep 001: Lia and Larry How We First Meet!

  1. On Friday, December 30th 2016 Kat said:

    You have a podcast!!! I haven’t heard it yet, because I literally just saw this new post…but I’m so excited! Congratulations! *throws confetti in the air*
    Kat recently posted…BT026. Juggling lab work and the love workMy Profile

  2. On Friday, December 30th 2016 Lia said:

    Awwww Kat Thank you so much! I’m really excited for it too! I hope you like it! I really had fun making it! <3 *dances in confetti*

  3. On Friday, December 30th 2016 Kathleen Montemayor said:

    You and your husband are adorable! Your back and forth banter put a smile on my face. A man who supports your book library is a keeper! You met at a bookstore, how cool is that?

  4. On Friday, December 30th 2016 Lia said:

    It was a sign from the beginning! I was destined to be a book blogger and have a husband who loves me loving books! <3

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