Liar of Dreams: The Diviners 2 by Libba Bray Review

Saturday, March 5th 2016

Every city is a ghost. New buildings rise upon the bones of the old so that each shiny steel beam, each tower of brick carries within it the memories of what has gone before, an architectural haunting.

You may have notice that I am in love with Libba Bray’s The Diviners. I fell in love with the easy dialogue, the fun characters, the unique mixture of historical events with creative solution making the lines between reality twist right before your eyes. Libba Bray has a way of blending genres of historical, supernatural elements, horror, tons of fun humors, and of course romance, trust me Libba Bray has a way of blending all these genre without neglecting the rest. This is how The Diviners became an instant favorite of my historical paranormal novel, however I have to say Liars of Dreams don’t create the instant love I expected from it’s previous novel.

In Lair of Dreams isn’t the same enchanting prequel that I might have hoped however I do believe fans of The Diviners won’t be disappointed with the characters involvement in this installment of the prequel to The Diviners. In The Diviners we found ourself being haunted by a person who society were dead more than 100 years. In this novel we are being haunted by an actual ghost. That’s right Lair of Dream is a unique haunting ghost story that touches on Chinese folklore, giving us a cast of unique characters. Now that you know that Liar of Dreams is about a ghost you can already imagine that the atmosphere of the novel is very dream like

They’re too tired for bathing, but they’re not too tired for dreams. For dreams, too, are ghosts, desires chased in sleep, gone by morning. The longing of dreams draws the dead, and this city holds many dreams.

In The Diviner, the truly scary elements of the novel were the heart wrenching suspenses, however in this novel it’s the atmosphere that Libba Bray created that truly made me afraid to read this book before going to bed. How can anyone sleep when there is something killing those who dream! Call me a scaredy cat but I read this book at the brightest portion o the day!

In sleep, their fingers stiffen as they try to fight back against the terror invading their minds. For the dream knows their fears as well as their desire. It can make them see anything. Unspeakable nightmares surround the men now.

Even though this  novel is extremely haunting, I was more than excited about seeing familiar characters of Evie, Same, and of course Jericho. Honestly I was more than pleased with how Jericho and Evie were when we last saw them in The Diviners. I can’t accept how Libba Bray has Evie avoiding Jericho! How can you avoid Jericho, and don’t get me started with this radio stunt with Sam. How Evie. Why Evie! Why would you make Jericho’s poor mechanical heartache that way?

I know this novel isn’t the easiest to read but it’s the most thrilling journey I have ever reading. I truly hope you take the opportunity to read this haunting novel.
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About Libba Bray

Libba Bray is the author of the acclaimed A Great and Terrible Beauty, Rebel Angels, and The Sweet Far Thing. She lives in Brooklyn, New York.

What is it about writing an author bio that gives me that deer-in-headlights feeling? It’s not exactly like I’m going to say “I was born in Alabama…” and somebody’s going to jump up and snarl, “Oh yeah? Prove it!” At least I hope not.

I think what gets me feeling itchy is all that emphasis on the facts of a life, while all the juicy, relevant, human oddity stuff gets left on the cutting room floor. I could tell you the facts-I lived in Texas for most of my life; I live in New York City with my husband and five-year-old son now; I have freckles and a lopsided smile; I’m allergic to penicillin

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