Lia’s Bookish Obsession wants to Thank You!

Tuesday, January 19th 2016

Hello Book Community

I awoke this morning to find an email from my web hosting site telling me that I have two comments awaiting my approval. Knowing that at least one of the comments is probably from a friend or family member I didn’t exactly rush towards my laptop to read what exactly the comments were about. I managed to eat breakfast while writing a quick draft of topics I would like to post, while watching Supernational on Netflix. By the time I sat in front of the computer screen I realize two very important thinks.

1 Computers cannot count
2 Spam folders are the digital equivalent to Yu Gi Oh’s Shadow Realm

To my surprise I actually had 61 comments awaiting my approval or reply.

I couldn’t be more happy that I am at this moment. All those kind words of  encouragement,suggestions or well wishes really did warm my book blogging spirit. Thank you to all that have subscribed, commented, or just check in from time to time. You’re awesome sauces with an extra order of awesome!

Thanks Again Guys
Sincerely Lia

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