Library Cleaning Up My Happy Space!

Monday, May 15th 2017

Clean Up, Clean Up! Every Book Has it Shelf!

 Every time someone glimpses a picture of my  library, they automatically mention  their amazed or envious about the amount of books I own. I have to admit, I am quite proud of the amount of books that I own myself. Actually, I think it’s quite  romantic, that the husband not only provided for all these books, but also continues to support me in the blogging community. It’s no surprise that his love for books is growing since he did send me to Romantic Times 2016.

 He supports me so much that it really was a sore spot in his heart that his sudden military deployment had fallen right smack in the middle of 2017 Romantic Times. I had so much fun last year, we were really wanted to attend together. Ever second I spend in my library I can feel the love of my husband surrounding me. The entire room is filled with the love and support of a single person. That being said, no matter of love is going to help surround my heart with the large amount of frustration I endured trying to clean and then organized my entire library. Oh Sweet Book Heaven! What have I don! Seriously! What have I done! I went to far! I bought so many books that cleaning my library is so painful that it took not just me, a bottle of prescribed medication, but my mother and daughter to help tackle the chore that is the dreaded library.

Helpful Zoe

The books themselves aren’t that hardest to organize, expect how exactly do you organize a library that is always and always will be growing. When Larry was home, he did all of this. He was the guy who fearlessly walked into the library organized the books by genre, publisher, series, and to and insult to injury alphabetical! I’m not even going to mention how my husband would rotate my  TBR ( To Be Read) that way I would never add more books to a pile that as never actually any closer to dimensioning. He also was my editor for my late night blog post, along with my frustration free technical services provider. No what the hardest part of cleaning the library is all the small things I seem to have collected. What is with all the the small things  a house or home seem to have when you’re attempting to move. I think I spent so many hours trying to not throw away everything that was smaller than a dollar bill. So many tiny things, that I had absolutely no patiences for. Thankfully I had my daughter Zoe helping me. She was a great source of support, she casually put all the small items to the side. I am always amazed how in tune my daughter has become since her dad hasn’t been around. She just took arms with my mother and I as we attempted to clean the library without me pulling all my hair out of my head. Zoe was more than adorable with her helping in the library. What I found the most adorable is after a long 15 minutes of working hard she and my mom decided to take a much need Dr. Seuss reading break.

WTW! Where do all these small things emerge from!

As much as I love my library, and trust me I do. I love my library so much. Walking into the library room gives me a sense of pride along with giving the base librarian  a mental finger flip for not allowing me to be myself when reading books. I mean lets be  honest, if you can’t be yourself in your reading material there would be so many more miserable people, especially in Minot, North Dakota.

The feeling of Larry being gone, the void that I feel in my heart will always be there until he returns unharmed into my arms. The scent of him has faded from his clothes, and his belongings are a constant reminder of how long he’s been separated from us. At least walking into the library I’m surrounded by all the small things he tried to help provide form a long distance to keep my spirits up.

Disney Limited Edition Lumerie and Cogsworth,3 Different angles of the library room.

I’m thankful for the Disney Limited Edition Cogsworth and Lumiere from the live action Beauty and the Beast. I’m also thankful for him remembering to resubscribe to my OwlCrate account. I could go on and on about all the things my husband has bought for us and all the thigns that are currently lingering in the library yet I find no personal enjoyment in them. The joy my heart really yearns for his just to have hime back. I can’t wait for him to return home so we all can enjoy every thing together.

I know I haven’t become a great blogger since I have/ am having a hard time asking for help or letting people know that I am in fact not okay. Just believe me when I say I am very much happy to have this library cleaned. I’m very happy to have another memory attached to the library, even if it’s just my mother, daughter, and I working hard to organize the the entire room. I feel that every home is the center of a home, for some its the kitchen, other’s its the garage, but for this home the library is the place to be!

Oh I forgot to mention Alcide was in the library too, he just lays about. Sleepy  Snow Pup!

Helpful Aclide


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