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Sunday, January 22nd 2017

A Love Shared Throughout Wonderland

Once Upon A Time…
Those are the words usually used to describe a fairy tale.
Happily Ever After, is usually the traditional way a fairy tale will mostly likely end.
The last time Larry went away for this long he went through basic training in the military. During that time I use to collect different types f dolls. This might come as a shock but before I became a book blogger, or an epic book lover to this magnitude I use to collect dolls and review them on YouTube. I had a large collection of Monster High Dolls, Ever After High dolls, and of course Novi Star Dolls. At the time, I use to work at the bakery section of Wal-Mart. There was a store employee that worked with me who absolutely loved collecting dolls. I remember going to her house on Christmas Day and i remember seeing ever single collectible doll from rare to unbelievable limited edition surrounded her and her girlfriends home. I just remember feeling like I as literally wrapped in the halls of  Howl from Howl’s Moving Castle the animated movie. You know the part where Sophie goes to check on Howl, in his room and the halls are covered in large piles of childhood colorful clutter.

The word clutter being the main word describing how their house truly looked. After I visited their house I gave all my toy collection to my niece. Also I was really tired of people thinking I had a child when honestly I did not have a child at that time, I just really loved the animated series of that Mattel made for their books.  That being said I will say that I did not give all my dolls away, I kept my Dollzone Yue and my Dollshe ball jointed doll, both I still have with me. It’s just that after I moved to Minot, North Dakota, all the dolls that I had a really hard time finding back when I use to live in Michigan, were all available in the store in North Dakota. What made it even worse was the fact no one realize that the shelves where all covered with limited editions dolls that people were willing to buy triple for! The fact that no one notice made it even more realistic that the doll collection was not as serious when you don’t have a community to enjoy it with. Mind you, there is always a community online that you can report all you’re activities if you don’t have a physical person to enjoy it with. It’s just, since the person that made it really exciting to collect dolls with lived extremely close as well as worked with me. So it was really exciting to be with someone who was truly made collecting dolls and vinyl toys exciting. Now I am reading books, and I truly need no encouragement when it comes to being apart of the book community.

What I find so ironic is the fact that daughter loves Monster High and Ever After High. I mean she really loves the Netflix specials, the movies, and of course she really loves watching them with me. I wish I could say that she and I are watching them together, but let’s be fair I am watching it and she’s just watching it with me. I love this show so much, especially Ever After High by Mattel. Seriously how awesome  is it that they created their own cartoon series which Netflix picked up thus creating their own doll franchise. If you didn’t know Monster High and Ever High are actually connected in story as well as sharing a character, hint it’s Cupid. That’s right, the daughter of Eros is actually is one of the connecting links to the series. I even had her doll at one point of time, but like I said I gave all those dolls away to my niece which I am happy so she is truly enjoying them much more than I did attempting to keep them in the original box, which of course drove other doll collectors quite man. 

Now, my daughter is not old enough to play with the Mattel dolls since they include some extremely small parts that she would with no doubt put in her mouth. But how can ignore how awesome these character designs are! My favorite character is Maddy the daughter of the Mad Hatter. Have you seen her tea-pot purse, and her tea-cup shoes, and the little top hat? Madeline Hatter is probably the best character in the entire show. During the time I collected these dolls they only had the standard small fashion dolls, but now they have them super size. I mean serious super size. I think the Ever After High dolls are 17 inches tall (which I am totally getting Madeline Hatter, honestly how could I not!) But I do believe that Monster High Dolls come in a super size called “frightfully”, isn’t that adorable! I really hate the even after the supersize my daughter is still to young to play with the dolls unless I super glue everything down, which trust me I did that before. No amount of industrial glue is strong enough to stop the strong holds of a young child playing with her toys. That’s really how we should measure glue, instead of domestic glue or industrial glue it should be measured by how strong a child determination of want like two-year old candy strong glue or six-year-old stubbornness glue!

The point is! I’m really that my daughter are I like the same t.v. show let alone enjoy the same products. People often told me that after having a child there’s going to be so much about you’re that you would have to put behind you, instead it seems that everything I enjoyed before having Zoe is coming right back.

Right now my daughter is 2-year-old, the child safety hazard are saying that these toys are best for children 3 years old and up! Which means I’m already planning an epic Ever Act High party staring of course the one and only Madeline Hatter.

Are you planning you’re child’s birthday party early? Are you a type of person that likes to plan parties but don’t like the attention on you when it’s your birthday? Let me know in the comments below. I can’t want to hear what different types of items that you enjoy collecting! Now if you excuse me it’s time for me to plan an epic tea party for my daughter that would make all of Wonderland jealous.

It’s really no surprise that my daughter and I would fall in love with not only fairy tales but also a retelling epic of destiny  intertwine with it, especially when that story is being told on Netflix as Ever After High! I use to watch this back in the day before I became a mother, so it’s truly an adorable if not lovable twist to share the moment of re-watching the cartoon series with my daughter. Out of all the characters that are casted in the series it seems my daughters favorite character is one that I love myself, Madeline “Maddy” Hatter daughter of the Mad Hatter.
In Ever After High,is actually a fashion doll franchise that was released by Mattel in the summer of July 2003. The fashion doll franchise is suppose to be the companion if not the complete contrast the their already popular series of dolls at the time Monster High, both fashion polls owned by Mattel. The differences between Monster High and Ever After High is the fact that Monster High has the daughters and sons of the the epic if not legendary monster roaming around the high school, while Ever After High actually has the sons and daughters amongst other fairy tale characters roaming around the halos their enchanted school. Both series are hilarious, although I feel that Barbie: Life in the Dream House is probably the funniest show I ever seen Mattel produce.
The main characters in Ever After High are Raven Queen daughter  of the Evil Queen and  of course Apple White daughter of you guessed it, Snow White. The two main characters along with their fairy tale friend have a choice to either fallow their ancestors fairy tale destiny by sighing the Fairy Tale Book of Legends or they can be rebels like Raven Queen, in choosing their own destiny as she chooses not to following in her Evil Queen’s destiny of…w ell of being completely evil. The show is amazing, and I’m really happy that it has become a Netflix original. I use to love Monster High, but as time went on I feel that the story line changed from it’s original web series. But I’m really not here about talking about that I’m hear to talk about my favorite character from Ever After High, apparently a character that my daughter and I share! Madeline Hatter the daughter of the Mad Hatter!

Besides how could Zoe and I not love a character that drinks just as much tea as we do!
Happy Reading
Lia and Zoe

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