Magical Tea Break with Zoe

Wednesday, February 1st 2017

Imagine, you’re a parent. You’re attempting to have some selfish “me” time. This could be a small amount of time devoted to clipping your claw like toe nails. It could be attempting to push out a small amount of brown concentrated privately. Think about the magical bliss of being able to fulfill humanly body functions without having a human or animal audiences. Can you imagine the magical moment when all children’s television shows are off. The house is completely quite and you can now peacefully have this time to yourself without the fright or fight instincts that tell you that you’re child is quite, not because they are asleep but because they are playing with something expensive that they know they shouldn’t.

Zoe asking me if I need any help while using the potty…


Since Larry has been deployed I really feel like I have lost a very important member of the “D.T.T.S.” the “Don’t Touch That Squad”. Seriously, before having a child I could only hear the loud annoying sounds of my apartment neighbors having sex or yelling. Now that I have a child I can actually hear the differences between silences. I know the differences between the blissful sound silences when I find my daughter tucked inside of her bed blissful sleeping, and the pure adrenaline filled silences of my daughter playing with something extremely expensive or extremely hard to find! Currently her favorite thing to touch has to be the mental bookmarker that my husband bought me for our wedding anniversary. I’m not sure what’s more annoying, the fact that she loves to remove the bookmarker to look at the engraving, or the fact that she in a panic places the book mark back in the book in the wrong place. When I was reading Amanda Bouchet’s book Breath of Fire, I could not figure out what I kept reading Chapter 30 over and over again. It wasn’t until I caught my daughter in the act that I realize that I was really on Chapter 36 but my daughter just kept sticking it in chapter 30 since she knew the numbers 3 and 0. I’m sure to her the number 6 just looked like a fully 0 with a hat. None the less I realize that I spent an extra three times trying to figure out why I kept reading backwards instead of forward.  I swear to you all that my daughter is a changeling. I keep saying it but people do not believe me. I strongly believe that my actual daughter is wondering the beautiful scenic view of the mountains of Washington state.

The trail of off Issaquah Washington

In case you never read a  Holly Black book, I will more than gladly tell you

what type of magical creature I am now given all my love to. A changeling is  a creature of folklore and magic. The story of a changeling child has been recorded in literary history for years to come. Many different romance novels that are base din the scenic and mystical valley’s of Scotland, Ireland, and Wales have their own unique tales of human children being switched with one of the Fae’s children. The connecting theme to all of the stories of a changeling child is a fairy would switch a human child with it’s own child. The fairy baby would take the exact features of the child it’s replaced with. The mother would never realize that their child was swapped for a child of the Fae until the changeling child began to eat. The changeling being from the fairy realm would eat, eat, eat, and eat until eventually the baby would eat even egg shells. According to one story about a woman attempting to get her child back from the fairy folk, one way you can ever get you’re human child back is by touching the changeling with a hot poker. The scream from the changeling being hurt would instantly awaken the changeling original mother, the fairy mother, to rush to the aid of her child. Then and only then would the fairy give back the human child in return for her own child. I remember when Zoe was just a few months old. I placed her against the baby bottle sterilized, not realizing that it was on. Just the heat of the Dr. Brown baby bottle steamer.

Just the sound her her wailing, cause every maternal instinct had me

grabbing Zoe in my arm, telling her how sorry I am not to realize that it was on before I rested her against it on the counter. Now, that’s just me making what I like to assume are new mom mistakes. I can’t imagine a woman in the medieval area  attempting to solve the problem of her infant afflicted with at that area were unexplained diseases, disorders, or developmental disabilities by touching a child with a hot poker. I can’t imagine what the mother felt when they either left their child on top of a fairy hill expecting to see the Fae folk give back their child. Or perhaps one devastated mother exhausted with her child’s unexplained developmental disorder did tragically touch their child with a hot poker only to be heartbroken that the fairies mother never came back to exchange their rightful child to their rightful place. I assumed it was always a great comfort to the mother’s during that area that they believed that their child was not the actual child that died on top of a fairy hill but the child of the Fae folk.

For me I know through scientifically fact that Zoe is in fact my daughter. But I also believe she is truly a changeling. I know this because there are 5 things I have caught my daughter doing that I refuse to think of anything else than reasons in which my daughter is actually apart of the fairy people.

 One day I found Zoe sitting on top comfortably at the dinner table. She sat quietly as she started eating something white. I assumed she had just grabbed some of her own snacks from the counter. I rearranged the kitchen so she would have easy access to all her snacks without banging on the bathroom door telling me to hurry up so she can eat some Nutella! So imagine my freight when I rounded the corner of the room to find that Zoe was not in fact eating another container of Nutella and crackers but she was eating the egg shells from the scrabble eggs her father had made earlier for breakfast.

Zoe and I making faces to send to Larry during breakfast

The second even that made me think about my daughter as a non human toddler, is the fact that she can’t enter a church. Now that does not mean that my daughter cannot physically enter a church, it’s more on the fact that our daughter says it  hurts her. Let me better explain.

The day my husband and I decided to vote for this recent election we had to take not only our daughter but are very vocal wolf pup Alcide. According to the voters registry the closet poll for us to cast was a church. The moment we arrived the line was not only long, but wrapping around the parking lot.

The face of a parental confusion!

The moment we found a parking spot, found the back of the line everything was fine. However the ever instant in which my husband carrying our sweet baby Zoe entered the church, she began crying that it burned. There we are, standing in front of a huge iron crucifix, with my daughter in my husbands arm wrestling to be freed. I can’t tell you how uncomfortable it was to have our daughter taking her tiny fingers clawing her face saying that being inside the church burned her. What made it even worse is the fact that when she took her tiny hands mimicking a clawing motion, she also made her own hissing sound. Seriously, she made a hissing sound when she clawed her own face and hands. She wasn’t doing this to get attention, she seriously just didn’t want to be in front of the crucifix.

Thankfully my anxiety level were so high that all I could do was laugh, while inside did nothing by cry on pure panic. I know some people would just say that that’s just the normal reaction to a child being in an area that she found unfamiliar, yet it doesn’t stop the fact that it was highly uncomfortable as a parent.

The third thing that really made me think that my child was a non mortal

actions that really shocked both me and my husband is Zoe’s fondness for Scot Gaelic songs. I joined a Scottish Gaelic singing class online to better help my Gaelic. Unfortunately I was not able to continue learning Gaelic since Larry is deployed. I wasn’t able to keep up with the course since my best free babysitter had to go on a long extended work day. No matter, I can at least continue to learn different Gaelic songs to better help my Gaelic pronunciation.

What really shock me is the fact that daughter seems to schedule her tantrums the sometime I’m attempting to do something that quires me or the house to be absolutely quite. Of course it’s when you’re trying to do any activate in which the act of quite is involved you better reschedule you’re life from when you’re child is going to college. None the less what really makes me  think Zoe is a Fae is her ability to instantly calm down when she hears my Gaelic music teacher sing. I’m serious it’s the strange look in her eyes as if she recognizes the words. The way she dances in a circle as if she’s a Druid. It’s just the way she reacts when she hears the words being sung that makes me and my husband go, Yep that girl ain’t human.

Even my father believes that is just something special. That’s she’s probably been on this earth before. It’s the way that Zoe moves, avoids touching all things iron but loves to take shiny objects, and did  I mention how much she loves to eat? Oh does she love to eat that make us just say, I think our daughter is a changeling.

On a really odd note is how one day Zoe was not in the mood for winter anymore. Dressed in her rainbow fairy dress, she just stood outside all bundled up in winter gear with the tulle of the dress surrounding her, as she stared at the snow telling it to go away that almost made me believe that this sudden heat wave Minot is experiencing might be because Zoe demand the snow to go away. Almost!

Well that’s all that I have to say about my daughter possible being a changeling! Tell me did you ever think to yourself that you might be a magical creature yourself? I know my dad believes I’m a mermaid, since I never was afraid of the sea of the ocean while we were living in the Bahamas! Tell me what magical creature you are in the comments below!

Happy Reading!

5 Responses to: Magical Tea Break with Zoe

  1. On Wednesday, February 1st 2017 Kathleen Montemayor said:

    I love this post, especially how you think the real Zoe might be running around the forest in Washington. I’ve always thought my daughter was something different. I never considered a changeling, though.
    Kathleen Montemayor recently posted…Curiosity killed the cat.My Profile

  2. On Wednesday, February 1st 2017 Lia said:

    I am telling you ever since I took my family to Washington Zoe has been different. I really need to get back to Issaquah, Washington and double back! The way Zoe acts she’s more than different she’s a CHANGELING!
    <3 Thanks for comments I love hearing what you have to say Love!

  3. On Wednesday, February 1st 2017 Crystal Sellers said:

    Haha. Great post. That church thing is creepy! I would have been so freaked out by her in pain.
    The best part is when she’s older and you tell her these stories. My son laughs so much when I tell him the strange and goofy things he did as a youngin and he’s only 15.

  4. On Wednesday, February 1st 2017 Lia said:

    OH Her Dad and I are thinking about taking our revenge for the church thing on her wedding day!

  5. On Wednesday, February 1st 2017 Larry covington said:

    Lmfao this creature is something to behold! Especially at night

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