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Monday, August 14th 2017

Last week I was writing to you that I fell down the stairs now not only have I managed not to down the stairs like the old woman I feel that I am I actually get the chances to do something I’ve always wanted to do, which walks the plank! That’s right, growing in up the Bahamas with most of the history involving either the history of Carribean slave trade of pirates, you can easily imagine how pirates would be a more exciting topic for an eight-year-old.

When more than nineteen years later, I’m living proof that dreams really do come true! You’re probably wondering, what the devil is this girl talking about! Well, this week Monday the landing in front of my front door is being repaved which means I cannot walk on it until the afternoon. Thankfully the construction workers who repaired my landing were nice enough to put a very fashionable wooden plank that allowed me to easily walk to and from my apartment. This, of course, makes it a little harder to walk the dog, however, the two-year-old find the wooden plank not only amusing but thrilling. She keeps wobbling on the plank making believe she’s about to fall, of course, there is a true fear that she will fall and the construction workers will have to repave my landing for the third time which would truly be an inconvenience for all the adults but even more so for the dog! Regardless having Zoe on my back as we both pretend we were leaving a pirate ship was very entertaining and a great way to recover from the embarrassment of last week Monday’s trip to the ER from a long fall down the stairs!

Now after all that talk about walking the plank I’m sure you’re wondering what did I have to do that was so urgent that I had to brave walking the pirate plank for! Well, I of course finally got a James Jean art book, and a small plastic anatomy human skull to practice the drawing the anatomy of a person’s face so I can better draw faces.

I was inspired to buy this skull after watching an artist I admire Audra Auclair showing how she used a plastic model skull to practice drawing the anatomy of skulls. I’m not sure what is the exact brand that Audra Auclair used but I managed to find a similar one on Amazon for dentistry.


In just two seconds after taking the pictures of the skull for my blog my daughter got her hands on the skull. She hasn’t dropped it … .yet but this is the reason why I am so excited for the skull to be plastic. I know many people dislike having plastic items but when you’re as clumsy as me with a two-year-old, hard plastic is more than convenient it’s a blessing.

Also, the book that I received in the mail was not only but:

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