Netflix & Chill: Iron Fist Addicts

Sunday, April 9th 2017

My Mom and I Are Iron Fist Addicts

What did I do this Saturday? Usually I would answer that question with a long list of books that I started or finish reading, instead I only did one thing today, I watched Netflix’s Iron Fist. Usually my mom is more interested in watching BBC criminal or detective television shows but for some reason Netflix Original Marvel Iron Fist has really kept her glued to the sectional. My mom hasn’t even gotten up to wash the dishes. Now this might seem weird to say, but my mom is a clean freak when it comes to the kitchen. Even though this apartment is technically mine, any and ever kitchen my mother enters is automatically forfeited instantly becomes her kitchen.

Our daughter slept in this morning, during that time I did some abs workout while also deciding that there will be no more Nickelodeon Bubble Guppies, and I meant it. I was not going to watch any more Bubble Guppies this weekend. For once, my choice of denying my daughter her favorite t.v. show wasn’t rejected my by mother. No matter how much you’re parents love you, as soon as they become grandparents by you’re own creation they are now property of you’re child. The fact that Iw as able to watch Marvel’s Iron Fist on Netflix without my mom leaning towards Zoe’s demand of watching four season of Bubble Guppies with no commercial breaks in between is a miracle upon itself. The double miracle about this day is Zoe did not throw one tantrum about not watching Bubble Guppies. That’s right either my mom or nor our daughter complained when I decided to hold all three remotes hostage to have a long awaited Netflix and Chill type of Saturday.

Let’s talk about Netflix Original Marvel Iron Fist, I first became familiar with the comic book superhero Iron Fist my when my husband, Sir Larry attended military tech school. My husband’s 23 birthday was spent in tech school, I’ve always prided myself on getting him exactly what he wants for his birthday each year, and no distance for military training was going to change that either. I knew only one gift I had to get my husband, the omnibus of The Immortal Iron Fist! I tracked the first volume of the Immortal Iron Fist down thanks to the awesome search engine known as Google. I would also like to mention that eBay is a book lovers best friend when Amazon has failed you. Iron Fist is a fictional superhero published through Marvel Comics. Iron Fist has been featured in a few Marvel animated shows, even appearing in a few of Deadpool’s collection of comic books however Iron Fist hasn’t truly spent time in the sunshine compared to its brother and sister Marvel comic books until now. You can imagine how excited Sir Larry was more than excited to receive his home away from home ultimate best wife ever birthday present. I mean it takes a really mcawesome person to know exactly what to get you for you’re birthday, not to mention finding the entire collection of you’re favorite comic book super hero.

Marvel has a wide range of super heroes and heroines, but it can be really hard to fine a collection of you’re favorite series, especially if they aren’t apart of the popular cast of comic books like X-men and Deadpool. Despite what people say about the Netflix Original series Iron Fist, I’m more than excited to have what felt like a very underrated super hero like Daniel “Danny” Rand!

Even though my husband isn’t sitting next to me to enjoy each other’s reaction to this amazing new series, I have the joy of watching my mom. Like I said before my mom is always more interested in watching Poldark, Downton Abbey, or Father Brown, the mere fact that s
he hasn’t moved in more than ten hours asking at the end of each episode if there is another or can we watch one more. I know everyone’s a critic when their favorite comic book superhero becomes a motion picture or television show. I get it, we all have an opinion we all want to share usually through unsolicited advice through social media. [insert side-eye]

Before I leave this post in hopes that you will invest in watching Netflix’s adaptation of Marvel Iron Fist, I just want to tell you that I knew for better or worse I was going to love Iron Fist because they brought Claire Temple from Netflix other Marvel  Daredevil another Netflix original show which I’m currently waiting for a new season. But the point is I’m completely in love with Rosario Dawson. Originally she was my husband crush but now we, Rosario Dawson and I are now an item.

I’m just loving watching Iron Fist with my mom even though I’m not able to watch it with my husband.

I’m just really glad not to be alone.
Happy Chill Day Ya’ll!

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