NEW YORKERS Subway Avengers!

Tuesday, June 13th 2017

Photographer Ellie Pritts

The City of New York! NYC New York No matter what name you prefer to call it everyone knows it as the most populous city in the United States of America. It’s the city of hopes, dreams, history and course diversity. New York is known for being the majorly dense populated city in America, and for those who live there they claim that it’s the great city on earth.

NY is made up of 5 Boroughs, which is why LGBT Romance author Santino Hassell’s series 5 Boroughs always features different parts of his city. If you don’t know the five boroughs you have, Brooklyn, Queens, Man-Hat-Tan, The BRONX, and of course Staten Island. Trust me when I say this, if you ever meet someone whose living in New York right now, you’ll never have to ask where in New York they live since it seems to be a standing tradition for a person to tell you their name their nationality and then which of the five boroughs the live in currently and where they originated from. Hey even Marvel’s Captain America and Sony’s Spiderman does it!

I don’t know it’s something about being a New Yorker that makes it ease for a fellow New York to sense when another New York is around kinda like how I can tell my mom is making platanos maduros (translations: sweet friend plantains!).

But what I love about New Yorkers is there ability to just not five a fried fudge about the rules! So when the city of New York claimed that you could only have a dog ride with you in the subway  IF it can fit in a bag, any other city would just suffer but not New York! Behind this amazing series of photos my husband showed me brought to us by

IKEA bags hold everything. (via meanboysclub)





This literary made my day and I hope it made yours too!

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