Nothing Like A Duke by Jane Ashford

Thursday, May 4th 2017

Nothing Like a Duke by Jane Ashford Review

Thank you to NetGallery and Sourcebooks Casablanca for allowing me the chance to read this book before it’s release date in exchange for an honest review!

Nothing Like a Duke written by Jane Ashford, is the first novel I have ever read by Jane Ashford series The Duke’s Son. The cover of Nothing Like a Duke is has a beautiful cover that is a depiction of a wonderful historical romance, although I wish the book itself could be more adventurous in the plot detailing. I found a lot of the events in this historical romance is rather mundane. There is a bored aristocrat by the name of Lord Robert Gresham, he is ripe for marriage while still being extremely hesitate to the idea. The Lord is interested romantically to Flora Jennings, but like all historical romance male love interest, he tries to ignore his attraction to the female character. The Lord escapes to the country side of a long party, who surprises us all to find that one of the guest to the part is actually Flora herself.

The root of their attraction is that they constantly disagree with each other. They constantly bicker with one another that doesn’t feel romantic in it’s nature but annoying. There was bickering in Jane Austen Pride and Prejudice between Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth, but they’re bickering was quick wit as well as direct. The storyline is fragmented in its content but there is no romantic scene to compensate for the week narrative that the author creates with her characters.

The author many goes off in many different directions about the nonsensical conversations for her characters which I found hard to read, and rather distracting.

I  just feel that this book was not for me, I did not enjoy it but I feel that the author is very talented the characters were just not connecting with me.

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