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Friday, May 19th 2017

OUAT Replica Merchandise!

Once Upon A Time is one of my favorite t.v. shows. My favorite character was Ruby also knows as Red, as in Little Red Riding Hood! I loved her so much! I also have to admit I didn’t love how they ended her character in the show. I mean…I’ve spent about three to five seasons watching Snow and Prince Charming constantly falling in and out of love, watching them always “finding” each other no matter what the situation, yet I only get one episode to explain Reds true love to Dorothy? I know ABC and OUAT was trying to included a LGBTQIA character in their show, but that was just a slap in the face for my patiences. Sorry, I had to have a mini rant about that. But let’s not think about the recent episodes of OUAT, let’s think about the good old days when everyone was trapped in StoryBrook, and the only clue to saving them was a children’s book….

That’s right I have a replica of the Once Upon A Time book! Don’t be shocked, you knew I was a book lover, you just didn’t know HOW MUCH OF A BOOK LOVER I am. Well, I’m this big of a book nerd. From the moment I saw baby Henry walking around StoryBrook with this huge story book I know I must have it! Sure, enough I found it and now a proud owner of the book. When I purchased it, it did come with some of the illustrations from the t.v. show beyond that the book as blank. I really didn’t like the illustrations from the t.v. show, since I could clearly see they were just still images from the film with a filter placed over top of them.

Totally not stylish! So…I tossed them. I know that sounds so evil but I did, I tossed them right in the trash. What I’m doing instead with my huge story book replica is writing my own story inside the book with my own personal illustrations. It’s super hard! I thought I would have it done before my daughter was old enough to pick up the book, but I did not calculate how impossible it is to have “me time” when you’re also a parent. That was a huge miscalculation in my plan. Oh, if you’re wondering how many pages I managed to illustrate since the birth of my beloved child, the answer is one! Just one. Yep one. Parenting is extremely hard…I realize that now. But at least Zoe loves having the t.v.I She loves watching the show with me, but I think she just loves holding the book while watching the show. Come on, that’s friggin adorable!

Next up is Red’s glass wolf ornament she had in the first season that I instantly fell in love with. It’s adorable, its glass, and it’s a wolf, what more is there to love! I bought it, I love it, and it too is swing off the mirror of my new car.It’s amazing! What I love the most is the fact that Alcide wasn’t sure what to make of this mini wolf figurine!

Alcide vs. Red’s Wolf

Alcide vs. Red’s Wolf

Alcide vs Red’s Wolf

The Final piece to my mini Once Upon A Time Collection is of course Granny’s Key. It’s the same  style key that Granny gave Emma when she asked for lodging in season one. It’s a little smaller that I would prefer, then again I’m not sure how big I wanted it to be. I mean, having  big key is awesome but how exactly was I going to log it around? It’s bad enough I have a giant pink fuzz ball as a key chain, I’m not sure I would want a giant replica of Granny’s Key as a key chain either. I still think it’s adorable. I’m still very happy with it. It’s not as big as I wanted but it’s still awesome.

Once Upon A Time Granny’s Key

Well that’s it for all my Once Upon A Time mini merchandise collection. If you’re interested in buying these things items, here is the seller I bought it from on eBay. I bought all my Once Upon A Time merchandise from this seller and had absolutely no problems with them. They are amazing, both in shipping and customer service, so don’t you b rude to them! Their also outside of the country so be prepared to wait for your package. I live in North Dakota so every shipment to Minot is a long wait no matter where I buy them from, so to each their own. This is Lia telling ya’ll to have an amazing day!


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