Reunited with My Skyrim Skeleton Key

Wednesday, May 17th 2017

Thieves Guild Skeleton Key by PowerProps


I love Skyrim.
I’ve been playing Skyrim for about three years on my PS3 and about a year and half before my computer crashed. As much as I would love to play Skyrim on the computer, I’ve seen to many computers die under my computer gaming

I love Skyrim.

I love Skyrim. It’s probably the first open world, role playing game I’m willing to do all my chores early so I can finish the many quest that need my attention. I’ve been playing Skryim on my PC since the moment my husband’s classmate Jared gave us the computer file. I love it so much that I was crying on the phone when Microsoft, by a serious of unfortunate events, got my PC confused with another PC and sent it to the recycling center instead of mailing it back to me. Trust and believe me, that day was filled with tears and hot chocolate, extra marshmallows!
Now I only play Skyrim on my PS3, I can’t bare to have another computer crash with my mods being deleted. So you can imagine the equal horror I felt when my loving husband decided to complete the Thieves Guild quest Blindsighted.

O. M.G.
I was seriously thinking about crying! I had the key, the Skeleton Key of Skyrim. The unbreakable key that allows you to pick any lock without having to break a lock pick or upgrade your lock picking skill! I mean who would give that key up! Why would you give that key up! Better yet why would you give that key up when you’re in a guild called, The Thieves Guild?

The Thieves Guild is a wonderful organized group of professional badass thieves based in the lands of Skyrim that provides the mutual of both illegal endeavors for its members and the clients. There are several joinable factions that I could go into but just know, this guild is awesome!

The headquarters of the Thieves Guild is in  The Ratway, beneath the city of Riften. The city of Riften knows that the Thieves Guild is near, because the guild is renowned for causing such trouble in the city, along with  being largely responsible for the high level of corruption in the city’s market. The different members of the Thieves Guilds have their speciality, such as steeling objects of varying value, or loaning septims for potential entrepreneurs, or just simply helping someone play their debts. Most of the citizens of Riften view the Thieves Guild unfavorably; Mjoll the Lioness has really made it her duty to get the city to help dismantle the guild. Not if my avatar and I have anything to say about it! The Thieves Guild is a strong hold of both interest political and performing law enforcement due to their ability to bribe, intimidate, and of course extort the officials/guards by exploiting through their greed. There are times when the Thieves Guild as to threaten people in order to get what they want, and reveal in the embarrassment of the potential damning secretes they can earn in order to expose them to the public.

You can imagine how important having a Skeleton Key can be when working in the Skeleton Key. If anything, you should keep an unbreakable Skeleton Key until you have picked every lock, box, door, and secret chest in all of Skyrim and beyond! But nope, my good doer husband wanted to be a good guy and give a floating ghost find peace by giving her back the Skeleton Key. I started talking like our two year old, I started to beg for him to get the key back. But even I know, once a quest in any game is over there is no way your ever going to be able to restart it, especially if they game has autosave. Blast you auto save! I adore you but hate you at the same time. Thanks to PowerProps on Etsy, I was able to actually obtain the unbreakable Skeleton Key! Well, I might not have obtained it the way I wanted to, I would much rather have m avatar own it in the game, but I can’t stop loving the idea of owning it in person!

PowerProps Skyrim Skeleton Key Coloured

The Skeleton Key that PowerProps craft is actually 3D printed. I never had a 3D printed object, let alone a piece from a video, especially if that video game is Skyrim! I was more than excited to be able to paint it myself.

There is an option through PowerProps were you can have the Skeleton Key already painted but I choose to actually paint it myself. I’m really excited to own this! The details on this piece are insane! I’m not sure if my pictures can do any justice compared to how wonderful this item looks in person. The moment I held it in my hand, I called my husband, regardless of the seven hour time differences. I just had to share with him my Thieves Guild: Skeleton Key. Aw, reunited and it feels so good!

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