River keep by Martin Stewart ARC Review

Wednesday, May 4th 2016

Lia’s Bookish Obsession given the opportunity to read Riverkeep by actin Stewart a debut author by publication company Penguin Books through the powers of Netgallery in exchange for a fair and honest review. Riverkeep was published April 28th 2016 which means it’s available for your reading pleasure today.

If you notice I didn’t even attempt to create a photo collage as a featured image since the cove art is amazing! Can we all just AWW at the cover please?


I am a fan of Patrick Ness writing. My first encounter with this writing style was the emotional novel A Monster is Calling. I believe I should have choice more carefully when it came to introducing myself to Patrick Ness. Despite how many tears where shed after reading my first Patrick Ness novel, I realize quickly any author that can turn my own emotional state against me is an author that I miss continue to read. However I am not a Neil Gaiman fan. No matter how many times the Minot AFB Librarian tries to sneak his books into my checked out books collection I seem never to finish his books. I know Gaiman has a supporting fan base, his work includes comic books to motion pictures, to even Barnes and Nobles leather bound book collections. I, Lia, just can’t seem to finish the novel. With is odd because I am a Christopher Moore fan so you would think I would at least like Neil Gaiman. Interesting enough I am a long time fan of his wife Amanda Palmer, former vocalist of The Dresden Dolls, but my love for her could not extend into my finishing any of her husbands novel.The reason I bring up this mixture of my love for Patrick Ness and my “ un-able to finish” Neil Gaiman is because that is how this debut author, Martin Stewart is being described.

Riverkeep is said to be “The Wizard of OZ as told by Patrick Ness.” I also notice when I requested to read this novel that it state that this “ . . .stunning debut perfect for fans of Patrick Ness and Neil Gaiman!”

Martin Stewart is a debut author and I have no that he is going to have a find career. I feel that he did not need to be compared with anyone else writing style because he as a writer has his own unique writing style that will become noticed through time as his fan base beings to grow. I also feel that as a new author it should be noted that the reviews of a professional or a blogger should never stop you from doing what you’re passionate about. As my therapist woulds say, you’re a force to be wrecked with, never forget how formidable you truly are. Now off to the review!

The Review

I believe that Martin Stewart is going to have a promising career as a author because how how he managed to write such compelling characters. I love every single character that I meet during the journey of this novel.I am not sure if the author meant to have Wull’s father condition be Alzheimer’s but it surely does remind me of Alzheimers. I’m really happy that if it truly was Stewart’s intention because I’ve never read a novel, especially a young adult novel that mentions that disease, I usually find it in historical fiction romances.

The world of RiverKeep is magical if nothing else, I feel that Martin Stewart left me in a sadden wonder because I really wanted to explore this world that he created a lot more. There are so many different creatures that could have been explore more for the readers enjoyment. But that could just be me wanting to read more about an aspect of the novel I enjoyed the most. Who knows I could just be selfishly asking for more! I’ll admit that! But can you blame it, it’s just that good!
I really do understand why Stewart is compared to author Patrick Ness but I stand with what I said before he truly doesn’t need to be compared with anyone because his writing is amazing all by itself. I truly hope you read this novel it’s honestly a unique creative journey. I truly hope you do.
Happy Reading

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