RT Book Lovers Convention Los Vegas 2016 Recap!

Monday, April 25th 2016

The RT Experiences ReCap!
A Fun Recap of My first time at RT with Pictures

Let me just say that I had an amazing time at the RT Booklovers Convention! I truly made a lot of new friends from authors, fellow bloggers, readers and of course librarians during this convention. You are going to make friends because you are going to spend A LOT of time in line. Yep bring comfortable shoes!  There were a vast variety of workshops and panels that I managed to attend while constantly getting lost in the casinos of Rio Hotel. I truly had a great time and I’m already planning for next year RT Convention in Hotlatna! But, let’s get into all the stories I have to say.

Things you need to know:

Number 1: I have Social Anxiety
Number 2: RT doesn’t stand for Read Together, I found out the hard way
Number 3: Ohh beware of the book models they are  cheeky devils with practice smiles. . .

I’m going spare you the story of how the Rio Hotel won’t let me in my room yet after getting home from Los Vegas I received an email informing me that my room was NOW ready. Thankfully, my big sister Shay managed to save my RT experiences by flying from California to Los Vegas, easily earning big sister of the year! That’s right, I have a big sister and she comes with salsa dancing ninja credit card swiping skills! But, enough about the hotel drama let’s start talking about the good stuff, like  the food!


Oh Sarah from Smart Bitches Trashy Books  and Joy from JoyfulJay made me so proud to be a Book Blogger because that conferences had food. I mean real food not those tiny Southern Sandwiches you try to eat without actually eating because you’re trying to be polite but real food. Sarah won me over when she kept telling us to get seconds, thirds, and even fourths! Let the world know if you can feed me I am automatically your Book Blogging slave. Even a cookie will be considered payment my soul is yours!

Or Starbucks Chai Tea Latte, Soy with Cinnamon, 4 Pumps of Honey and Whip Cream, just incase you were wondering. ; – )

I learned so much at that conference! Not gonna lie to you I totally cried when I was handed my first PHYSICAL ARC! I was not prepared for the epic bookish feels! Oh I started to cry totally couldn’t hide it and the best part, my book theme tears were accepted!

RT PANELS I Attended!

I also managed to sit in some pretty amazing panels such as:

Vivia La Historical
clearly the most beautiful event!

New Adult: Diversifying the New Adult Genre
Where they spoke about where New Adult is as a genre as well as what hopefully how it will bring about more diversity within it’s writing genre
with the great panelist of
Megan Erickson, Elizabeth Briggs
Riley Edgewood
Ann Aguiree
Zoradia Corodova- She has amazing hair!
Nyrae Dawn

YA Spooky Slumber Party

Where I got to meet an entire list of authors in my star wars Jammies! That’s right I got to play Truth or Day, Boy meets Girls, Secrets, and other random fun games with an entire room filled with other YA fans and the YA authors themselves. This where I meet the lovely Zorida and her awesome Sailor Moon jam-jams, along with the lovely Alys Arden who autographed her book! Score! Also she had on Unicorn light up bed slippers I feel the world needs to know this . . .for science of course!

“Wear your jammies and join us for some spooky, silly fun and games! Challenge your favorite YA authors to time-honored slumber party favorites like Truth or Dare, Boy Meets Girl, Secrets, and create your very own spooky flash fiction stories. Snacks, swag, and prizes abound — and the best freaky, funny, and/or fantastic slippers win! (NOTE: This event is part of the general RT Agenda. No additional fee required)”- RT Agenda
With a list of great authors!


Moderator: Andrea Cremer Panelist(s): Tamora Pierce Victoria Aveyard Amanda Hocking Brendan Reichs Renee Ahdieh Alexandra Bracken Julie Kagawa

New Adult: The Future of New Adult
This is where I was face to face with JLA and totally became a mute. . .

The FUNNIEST panel was
YA: Dragons, Cyborgs, and Serial Killers in Space


Villian, Villian, Who is the Villian?
with S.J. Harper


Where I have to say despite how amazing our list of great authors are at the written words they absolutely suck at drawing! O.M.G. Suck! It was hilarious! At one time I think I saw a little stick figure boy riding an exploding cigar with a golden booger flung infront of him, which of course to my teammates looked like a prefect illustration of boy wizard Harry Potter attempting to stand on his broom to catch the golden snitch! Art is so subjective! Why did I even go to art school!

But, I did get the chances to meet some new friends! Realize that authors might not have a great talent for visual art, especially when trying to guess 15 book themed answers in front of a timer! All around it was a lot of fun and I am so thankful for Mary E. Pearson for being so extremely nice. Woot Woot for  Team Lia!
Mary E Pearson

RT gave me a true Homeward Bound feeling util you walked down the hall and saw the Book Models unleashed!
Lord have mercy. . . .

The unspoken motto of the book cover models is, Do you lift bro?
There should be a rule that your arms should not be bigger than your legs! Work on your legs!

I went to A Night with The Bad Boy at RT because some of my new friends decided to leave the event while I was still in line. No worries I am not mad at you guys! But, thanks to a series of panic attacks and social anxiety tears I managed to get comforted by some known peeps. That’s right I was crying int he corner by the sheer size of the room and I was calmed down by the lovely E.L.James, way to go social anxiety! Let it be known I just wanted to meet Drew Leighty because I have  been poking at him on Twitter for at least 2 months. I honestly though would remember me from either my twitter tag, or my avatar but of course my life is not a novel cause he remembered me from the most embarrassing tweet a girl could ask to be remembered by . . .

The Embarrassing TweetBad Boys of Romance
This is honestly my life. For once I would like a cute/handsome male to remember because of something utterly enchanting about me. For example my bright eyes, the uncanny way I can run in high heels without falling, or the brilliant way I recite Samuel L. Jackson part on Pulp Ficition. Oh no, it’s always the opposite.  Thus, Drew Leighty remembered be as the girl who sent him nipple tassels, cause in room filled with romance reading fangirls that’s exactly the type of attention I need to have right at that moment but I digress.  Despite how I am remembered I did get to conquer my social anxiety of meeting Mr. Swoon-Charm-Leighty thanks to Michael Patrick Gleason, cover-model, and Morgan, the Tiara wearing veteran of RT. They helped me conquering my social anxiety issues because the following day I was a social butterfly!

1001 Nights Collage

Jennifer L. Armentrout (aka J. Lynn) Shayla Black Lexi Blake (aka Sophie Oak) Heather Graham Donna Grant Larissa Ione Laura Kaye J. Kenner (aka Julie Kenner) Laurelin Paige Jennifer Probst Kristen Proby Christopher Rice Carrie Ann Ryan Rebecca Zanetti

 I’ll admit this butterfly might need to practice her facial angles later . . . That’s not the point though, do you see these pictures! That’s right! I was taking pictures and I was chatting with people and I was like BOOM take that social anxiety! It was so nice to make everyone laugh or smile! I really don’t understand how authors, publishers, veteran bloggers and aspiring authors manage to move their body! I was feeling really confident about myself untilI saw JLA and my social anxiety was like Pew-Pew back again Beyootch!

I saw JLA twice once at a panel where I sat in front of her which by the way I totally forgot my question once she picked me, total virgin RT move. *Palm Slap*
Then again when I was at the 1001 Nights events where we had to fill out a questionnaire card that would later be raffled for a gift card. She was the first person I went to see and I totally blanked out AGAIN! It took me the circulation of the entire room to gain my confidences to finally ask for a photo, and you know what I did it take that anxiety! Pew-Pew you right in the butt!

Mr. Handsome with the hat? Christopher Rice Jennifer L. Armentrout Drew Leighty

Honestly, I am not even sure how I managed to be alive. RT is a book convention and it takes some real supernatural abilities to make it from panel to panel, hotel to convention center. I’m not even sure the panelist, or authors are human!
After the Bad Boys of Romance I didn’t even make it to my bed!
As soon as I returned to my hotel I just had the strange desire to kneel, so I did. It wasn’t until my sister told me to get off the floor I didn’t realize I was even sleeping on the floor. But there I was spread out on the floor like Jesus! I even managed to cross my legs at the ankles like a lady! When my lovely sister asked me what I was doing there, on the floor that is, I told her I was painting the sunrise! Of course after that I had to get off the floor.
If it wasn’t for my bed-floor epiphany, I don’t think I would have realize how much dedication it takes for volunteers, panelist, publishers, authors, readers, reviews, etc to come to RT survive RT and then return to RT! All that hard work and dedication truly shows because I had a blast at RT! I’m already mentally packing for Hotalanta 2017!

Did I mention how much stuff I got from RT ? I had to mail my clothes home just to make room for my books! That’s how insane RT goodies are! RT you are amazing!
RT Goodies

I had so much for at RT Book Lovers Convention 2016
I have so much more stories to tell ya’ll
Until then this is my
Hello World! I’m Lia from Lia’s Bookish Obsession!

Auntie Mame in Rosalind Russell 1958 ‧ Drama film/Drama


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