Ten Top Tuesday: Fall TBR Pile

Tuesday, September 27th 2016


Hello Fellow Booklovers!

It’s official Fall! The wonderful season of Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte and sweet potato pies for days. This is the season that I am going to try my hardest to stick to my dietary plan but as soon as my mother sends me a fresh batch of Fall theme cookies I might as well reorder all my clothes to cuddle blanket large. None the less, Fall is a wonderful time to enjoy the changing of the seasons, even here in always freezing Minot North Dakota. I could really feel the chang of the season this last Sunday when I took my wolf  pup to the dog park.We manage to arrive at the dark park before it became very busy which gave me a great opportunity to take some amazing videos/photos of my pup enjoying the season. Honestly, I wish I could enjoy the season as much as he did but I do not have a double coat. Overtime the wind blew I felt like I was being stripped breeze by breeze. The sun was out, so my foolish self believed that with the son being out that I would be able to enjoy a small cool, not freezing but cool breeze, that would allow me to read. Well of course I forgot that I live in Minot North Dakota where nothing is what it should be let alone what you would expect it to be.Thus why I am truly excited to show off all my TBR Fall books I am going to read while drinking large amounts of tea and possibly alcohol, sweet ginger beer I have missed you dearly!

First up on my TBR pile book list is of course the remaining books of Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander Series. So far I have read Outlander, Dragon in AMber, Voyager, and currently reading Drums of Autumn which means the books The Fiery Cross, A Breath of Snow and Ashes, An Echo In The Bone, along with Written In My Own Heart’s Blood are on  my Fall TBR Pile!

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Next is Sarah J Maas Empire of Storms. I actually have this book available in my bookcase right now, I’m just so invested in the Outlander series that I just didn’t want to stop reading to read about the adventures of Aelin Galathynius. Another reason why I wasn’t jumping for joy when my signed copy of Maas’s Empire of Storms arrive is because I notice how every small the book is compared to the previous book of the series Queen of Shadows and Heir of Fire. I was really hoping to have another long read similar to her A Court of Must and Fury trilogy. That is really the reason why I have been pushing off the continues reading of the Throne of Glass series, I’m quite sadden about  how small the particular book installment is thus it earning it’s spot on the Fall TBR pile.

I also am wanting to read a few  of my romance and contemporary  novels that I have stashed away in my library that are in much need for some attention. These include but not limited to:

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The Witch of Cologne by Tobsha Learner

I found this book at a free book shop, and then I saw it again while I was wasting available academic time on Goodreads when I should have been working on my Uni Thesis. Of course this book as spent a large amount of time hidden in the back of my book cause. This novel is also a historical fantasy, historical fiction novel which I am really starting to enjoy at this moment.

Continuing the historical fictional novels that I need to read is the Girl With A Pearl Earring by Tracy Chevalier. I have seen the movie for this book, and it’s a historical novel hat surrounds my favorite patients of all time. Honestly I am not sure why it took me os long to read this book. I have had the same copy of this novel for more than ten years but I have not actually committed to reading it, thus earning it’s spot on my determined Fall TBR pile.

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Since Fall is also the season for mystery, magic, and eerie bone chilling stories I am going to be reading The Cassette Girls by Alys Arden. I have this novel sine RT Los Vegas 2016. Overtime I tried to read my daughter has taken this book and hidden it because she love to the colors of the book. Thankfully she is no longer interested in the color purple, only taking colors of greens and hiding them in her room. Leaving me to finally read this book without my daughter taking my bookmarked or the book away from me.

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I am also going to finally conquer the book The Thief by Megean Turner. I have this series and desperately need to read it. I promised so many people that I was going to read it and it keeps staying on my TBR pile instead of actually being read. Hopefully with the cold weather quickly approaching I’ll actually be able to read it without any interruptions that have occurred in the past.

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I also have Maggive Stiefvater’s  The Scorpio Races to read. along with Lamet and Ballad novels as well to read. I am great fan of the style of writing. Maggie Stiefvater has a great way creating environment that are both informative but also eerie. I really enjoy reading her novels but not all the time do I enjoy the endings of her novels. I really enjoyed reading the Raven Cycle series however I really di not enjoy the series ending however I did like the ending of the characters within The Wolves of Mercyfall series. I  am honestly hoping that maybe Stiefvater might write an edition book for The Raven Cycle. None the less, this author is amazing when it comes to creating emotional bonding characters that really touch you in ways that not only are you falling madly in love with her fictional characters but you’re also re-learning about yourself as you turn the pages of the plot twist and turns.

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The last book that is only Fall TBR pile is  The Witches Pyre by Josephine Angelini. I love this trilogy so much that I am not sure I want to read it just yet. I love this series! Why on Why does it have to end! Ohhhhh what am I going to do! I’m not sure I’m ready to end the wonderful witchy adventure, but of course I must! I have to know what happens next even if it means saying goodbye to these amazing characters.

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The last book on my Fall TBR pile is actually Leigh Bardugo’s Crooked Kingdom. I am currently waiting for my virtual signed copy to arrive then I will finally figure out what happen! I am in no way doubting the power of the Bardugo but I am really questioning how is she going to make this amazing story into a true duo-logy! I can’t wait to see what happens!

Well this is my Fall TBR pile. Hopefully I will stay true to my words and be able to actually start and finish all the books that I have set out for this fall season. I wish I could read more but school within itself has me reading it’s own set of novels that I have to read and anaylize. As much as I  complain about the work load of my Masters English Degree, I do love all the different ways we get to read a variety of books or authors we get to explore in class. Speaking of class, I should start working on my final thesis essay before I get to carried away. I hope you all have a wonderful Fall reading season. Let me know what books you’re are reading.I’m also attempting to drink as much Pumpkin Spice Latte’s or Pumpkin flavored food that will make my entire kitchen smell like a great bakery or pumpkin patch.

Happy Pumpkin Spice Latte!

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