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Tuesday, November 22nd 2016


Hello Lovelies!

It’s a very cold Tuesday here in Minot, North Dakota. It’s only about 20 to 40 degrees, depending on what time of the day you’re reading this but the point is, it’s cold. So cold that I am actually typing this post with a $10 space heater pointing directly at my feet. You might be thinking I’m using the cheap space heater since I’m trying to save energy. Actually, no that’s not the reason at all, for some strange reason my apartment heater is not working. I looked online and apparently there has to be physical snow on the ground in order for the landlord to put the heater on. Of course this makes me extremely testy but then again Wal-Mart/Amazon are always available for the weary apartment owners like me and my family. While I sit here waiting for my love to come home I realize that I am very thankful to many people this upcoming American Thanksgiving holiday, so let the thank you begin!

1 The crew from BookThingo for making a video of Rainbow Rowell, and for being friends with me during RT Los Vegas!

2 BookNut from Aussie for constantly helping me create my blog!

Zoraida Cordova!

4 Sarah Wendell from SBTB for letting me do my first podcast with her!

5 Megan Erickson- For always smiling/Megan Erickson- For always smiling

6 Anna Moore- For being Patient with my budget

7 Kae Feminist Knuckle Punch Muller- For introducing me to Julie

8 Julie Ann Mc Awesome – Thankful that she’s always 100% honest and true to herself

9  My Husband Larry- For reading to me when my eyes hurt from wearing glasses all day

10 My Family – For being difficult

As always I am thankful to my husband for always encouraging me. When I told him I wanted to start a book blog based off of my reading of Jennifer L. Armentrout’s character Kat from the Lux series, he did not stop for a second to make sure I along with my blog got all that we ever wanted thus to be a successful e-business.

I’m also thankful to Julie! She is always just a text away w hen I feel like I have made a big mistake in believing that I could do anything, may it be blogging, taking are of my child, or just the simple choices of admitting that I think there is something wrong with my mental health. She is an incredible strong person with a heart that always feels like it’s beating pure gold. I’m so happy for our mutual friend Kat for introducing us let along allowing us to become great friends through her own friendship. I’m not even sure if this is a proper thank you to all the things she has done for me and my family. Honestly how can you say thank you to someone who has always willing and ready to tell you about the best part of yourself that you can’t see within yourself. I’m not sure I’ll ever get that answer but I just want to say the biggest thank you to Kat and Julie!

Next on the list is BookNut from 21St Century Once Upon A Time (dot) Blogspot (dot) Com! When I emailed her through GoodReads about how to become a book blogger, she gave me the 411 so fast and always ready to reach out a hand for advice when ever I need it regardless if it’s through Twitter, GoodReads, Instagram, you name it and she’s there!

Also Rudi and Kat from Book Thingo, thank you so much for being friends with me when I as at Romantic Time this year! Thank you so much for meeting Rainbow Rowell and telling her about my attempts to meet her. Thank you so much for making a video of her saying hello! I can’t tell how much that has made my entire life! I’m also glad that you posted it on Instagram since my entire computer crashed because I shamefully spilled tea on my computer! None the less I am so thankful for your professional advice, you’re awesome stories, you’re humor, you’re kind hearts, and how down right silly you’re pod cast can be at times! YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME DOT Com DOT NET DOT AU!

I also want to thank the very happy smiling energetic Megan Erickson for laughing at my silly Instagram Videos. I always think no one is ever going to see these videos but then she said she loved them and I nearly died. How awesome is it when someone you admire say that they  even know you exist let alone the great feeling I get when she said she likes what I do. I mean how cool is that? That’s pretty freaking amazing! Plus I’m truly thankful that Santino Hassell liked my doodle of him and Megan in their Beastie Boys Onesies!

Zoraida Cordova gets all the thanks and love I can muster because she allowed me to talk to her for what it’s probably an already exhausting week during Romantic Times. I’m really thankful that she gave us, the fans of Brooklyn Bruja, free range to create fan art of her beloved characters.

Sarah Well for allowing me to take over one episode of her podcast. I’m Thankful to my daughter for breaking all my technology making it very easy to upgrade.

Last but not least my family, especially my mom sisters, brother and Uncle Johan. For giving me the gift of reading. For being patient with me when I was not reading the same rate that the other children were reading in Saint Anne’s Catholic School. You keep balance, you keep tempo, and you keep my husband constantly feed which allows my marriage to always be successful despite having a lethal two year old changeling.

These are just a few people that I am thank full for, but most of all I am thank for you! Thank you for being patient with me and my he journey of learning how to blog let alone how to get it done right! Thanks you guys! If it weren’t for you I would not be typing this post today!

2 Responses to: Ten Top Tuesday

  1. On Tuesday, November 22nd 2016 Toby said:

    Just listened to the podcast with SBTB – was hilarious! Loved your interview and hope you join her again! I am way behind on my podcasts as everytime I listen I end up putting more books on my TBR list and am already way backlogged. I am afraid the same will happen reading your site but a good problem to have!

  2. On Tuesday, November 22nd 2016 Lia said:

    OMG! Thank You! Remember if you ever run out of book space on you’re bookshelf (like me) start hanging books from the walls! <3

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