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Tuesday, August 2nd 2016

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Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, today it Tuesday, where the bloggers over at The Broke and the Bookish, always manage to created the very BEST creative features for their Ten Top Tuesday every single week. I think this is a great way to connect with bloggers, and fellow readers about the ten top featured themes that excite us. I really L-O-V-E this concept because it helps me connect with other bloggers, an especially readers while sharing fun facts about yourself to all. This is just a a fun way to get to know each other, bloggers and readers alike! Today is no expect because today’s feature is about . . .*drum roll please*


Well not really. It’s actually about, “Ten Books You’d Buy Right This Second If Someone Handed You A Fully Loaded Gift Card”, that kinda sounds like SHOPPING TO ME! So let’s begin!
If I had a fully loaded gift card I would instantly buy . . .

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Parts 1 and 11
by J.k Rowling, John Tiffany, and Jack Thorne.

I know everyone is talking about this book since it’s release earlier in the week. However I did not buy it yet nor did I preorder it. I know [insert gasp]. Why haven’t I preordered it or bought it? Honestly I thought it was already released. The way everyone was talking about it, I thought it was already not he self weeks ago. That’s what happens when a book is so popular, you might think it’s release when actually it’s not! Hopefully I’ll buy Harry Potter theme haul to make up for my mistake.

Continuing with with Harry Potter theme, I would also buy Butterbeer from Amazon

Funny thing about Butterbeer, it’s actually not a magical concoction that J.K. Rowling invited. Butterbeer has been around for years.When I mean years, I mean YEARS! Even the famous Tudor family of the 1588 have had a taste of the Bettered Beere. We can all agree 1588 is pushing the phrases way back when. However many people are being introduced to it for the very first time because of the magical world of Harry Potter. Here is a little article about it if you like.
Buttered Beere 1588

I would also buy Harry Potter: Sorcerer’s Stone Illustrated Edition for my daughter. . . lol
Totally for me! I promise I would share though

Next is a book I actually own but I need the final copy.
Please cover lust with me the amazing . . .

Bright Smoke, Cold Fire by Rosamund Hodge
Take a moment to just lust over this cover please!

I just finish reading the ARC of this book. My official review of this book won’t be released until September 16th. But let me tell you this,I have read so many William Shakespeare’s Rome & Juliet retelling, and sometimes they can be irritatingly predictable, since they usually focus on the romance between Rome and Juliet. If you have read Rainbow Rowell’s  Eleanor & Park, there is a scene in which the English teachers talks about the love between Rome & Juliet. It’s in that scene that Eleanor states what many don’t realize, the love between Romeo and Juliet isn’t truly love an infatuation since Act 1 of the play shows both characters already in relations with another character. These characters are unseen however they place an important wrong in the play itself. This novel is just simply amazing, since it focuses on the clan war between the two main characters. It also showcases the characters of Paris and Rosalyn. Did I mention that it features necromancy, trust, love, betrayal, blood . . .lots of blood, BLOOD EVERYWHERE! It’s a great novel. I’m actually really upset with myself that I read the ARC, I feel like my wait is twice as long for the sequel to be released.

Second book I would buy is the companion book of
E.K. Johnston’s A Thousand Nights, Spindle.

I read E.K. Johnston’s book A Thousand Nights. I haven’t posted a review of it yet, because I am still waiting for my emotions to calm down so I can give you a readable review. The first book is a retelling of the classic Arabian Night’s, however this book is written in the linguistic structure of the way the  speaker. It was extremely hard to feel comfortable in which the book as written, however since the structure of the sentences helped set the tone about the book being a tale that is order than time. Since the book is based on a Middle Eastern fantasy, it makes sense that the structure of the book represents the language. English is based on the Latin structure of communication since Latin, is the root of the English Language. The way E.K. Johnston really creates the environment of being told a story in complete different language while being written in English. I really hope that makes sense. It think my course in linguistics is truly showing now. Anyway this is companion to the first book which is what I feel will help create my final thoughts on the tale itself.
I really need this book!

Next is Armada by Ernest Cline

I actually tried to see if I could buy it with a Barnes & Nobles coupon, the last time I had patiences to go into that store but the cashier did not know how to apply the discount coupon. I was so fustrated that I just left the store. This is why I buy most of my books  from, Bookout.com, and yes that was a shameless plug in. I’m actually not afflicted with them, lorde knows I wish I were, but they are a great online store for those who do not have the patiences to deal with new cashier, when you have a tired toddler in your mist. Despite that I really forogt about this book until my husband mentioned that he wanted to read it himself. I really love it when we managed to have the same books on our TBR pile! Thus I truly need to buy this book so we can read it together!
I heard so many mix reviews about this book that I’ve been meaning to buy it, so I can read it for myself. It seems like such an inter

I had this book before but I gave it to my nephew to have, so he could read it. I love this book so much, of course I heard about it from my mom, then Studio Ghibli made the animated movie. I will say this as much as I love Studio Ghibli for it’s animation, nothing is better than the book. I’m really happy that Diana Wynne Jones was able to see the movie, giving her approval as well as her admiration at the way the animated her characters to life

If you didn’t know that Howl’s Moving Castle is an epic fantasy novel, they I think you should give yourself a treat and read the book. Then watch the movie and see what you like the most. I have to say that, even though I hate how books are turned into movies, these two works of art truly are great in their own way. I assure you, you’ll have room for both of them in your heart!

Studio Ghibli’s Howl’s Moving Castle animated movie

The Guardian: Hayao Miyazaki’s interview with Xan Brooks

This is another novel that I keep seeing but honestly need to just buy!
It’s The Game of Love and Death by Martha Brockenbrough

Here is the book synopsis for you if you haven’t heard of this book before.’

Antony and Cleopatra. Helen of Troy and Paris. Romeo and Juliet. And now… Henry and Flora.

For centuries Love and Death have chosen their players. They have set the rules, rolled the dice, and kept close, ready to influence, angling for supremacy. And Death has always won. Always.

Could there ever be one time, one place, one pair whose love would truly tip the balance?

Meet Flora Saudade, an African-American girl who dreams of becoming the next Amelia Earhart by day and sings in the smoky jazz clubs of Seattle by night. Meet Henry Bishop, born a few blocks and a million worlds away, a white boy with his future assured—a wealthy adoptive family in the midst of the Great Depression, a college scholarship, and all the opportunities in the world seemingly available to him.

The players have been chosen. The dice have been rolled. But when human beings make moves of their own, what happens next is anyone’s guess.

Achingly romantic and brilliantly imagined, The Game of Love and Death is a love story you will never forget.”

The Wall Around Us by Nova Ren Suma

This books is haunting me. I need to buy it super soon, but I keep getting side track by less important things like bills and food. I have heard so many wonderful, if not interesting things about this book that I really need to take a moment and read it for myself. I don’t even understand why I waste them eating food since I only need protein bar and water to survived. Honestly I would actually make my weight lost goals if  my husband wasn’t such an amazing book. But enough about my foodie husband, whose absolutely A-M-A-Z-I-N-G, let’s talk about this book, here’s the synopsis.

”  On the outside, there’s Violet, an eighteen-year-old dancer days away from the life of her dreams when something threatens to expose the shocking truth of her achievement.

On the inside, within the walls of the Aurora Hills juvenile detention center, there’s Amber, locked up for so long she can’t imagine freedom.

Tying their two worlds together is Orianna, who holds the key to unlocking all the girls’ darkest mysteries…

What really happened on the night Orianna stepped between Violet and her tormentors? What really happened on two strange nights at Aurora Hills? Will Amber and Violet and Orianna ever get the justice they deserve—in this life or in another one?

In prose that sings from line to line, Nova Ren Suma tells a supernatural tale of guilt and of innocence, and of what happens when one is mistaken for the other.”


Labyrinth Lost by Zoraida Còrdova

I’ve talked about this book over and over again! I still need the final copy in my life!
I wrote an entire review about it right here on my blog! This series is going to be amazing. I had the pleasure of hearing Còrdova speak about diversity, she is really passionate about having readers see themselves in the book their reading. I love the culture she’s created. The community that she infused between the pages of this book. It’s all about the different aspects of love and family. It’s just amazing. I can’t wait to own the final copy! Read more about my thoughts about it by click the link below!
Click Me

 The Bone Witch by Rin Chupeco

I’ll have to admit that I am totally wanting this book out of jealous and of course cover lust. I am a sucker when it comes with books about witches. I am all about the witches, especially since I swore my mother was a with when she made her holiday fruit cake! What is a kid to think when she walks into the kitchen, seeing her mother stir a pot (5 gallon bucket of fruit cake mix with a wooden spoon the size of a wooden broom handle) every holiday seasons! I still think she might have a little West Indies magic about her! Never the less, I really became in lust with this book after seeing my fave diversity speaking author Zoraida Còrdova take a picture of it on her Instagram.
cover lust
This picture just makes my heart burst with tears! I want all those lovelies!
Maybe one day Sourcebooks will love me long time!

Last but not least is this book that I am curious about! I thought the first book was complete interesting but I didn’t realize how much I need to know what happens next until I saw Amazon recommending  to read it! I listen to the first book through audio, now I feel that it truly earned a spoke on my loving bookcase! I’m talking about Rachel Cain’s The Great Library  series.

What would you buy if you had a gift card ready for the swiping?
And remember, shopping counts as cardio!

Happy Reading Ya’ll

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