The Alpha’s Promise: A Bad Boy Shifter Romance by Renee Rose Review

Saturday, December 17th 2016

This book was given to me through the power of Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

 I swear I have a talent for find a booking interesting books in the middle of a series, thank goodness that this book can read as a stand alone and not just a series. I love paranormal romance, and yea I get it this isn’t exactly a Christmas style of reading for this holiday year but I couldn’t help myself.

I’m talking about “The Alpha’s Promise: A Bad Boy Shifter Romance” by  Renee Rose. Previously I read a MM romance shifter romance but now I’m reading about Melissa Bell, who like all romance protagonist have made many wrong choices in her life. This course also means she has also made some serious bad choices in her love life as well. After the time she’s had in her life, there’s no shock that she is done with bad boys, cause they bring her nothing but headache and heartache. Her ex-boyfriend, Jeremy had put her in danger since he owes money,thus leading her to gain protection from a guy she knows name Cody, an alpha whose very young in his pack. Then again Cody can’t believe that he is offering help to a woman that he believes acts more like a spoil “pretty-pretty” princess. There is pressure all around him wanting him to “mate” her from his wolf, even though his human mind isn’t truly sure about that decision, typical. However Melissa isn’t afraid of Cody nor is she afraid of sexual appetites. Thus the two Of them will test the limited of both of their desires and discover the true power of their love.

Yes, this shifter novel really feels like ever type of shifter romance you would read on a paranormal romance, however that does not stop me from reading this book and enjoying it.

Mind you this novel is NOT for everyone. I repeat this books is NOT for everyone, since it has heavy BDSM elements in it. So if you’re not a fan of the BDSM lifestyle that you won’t be able to grab nor enjoy.

I was really intrigued by the cover of the book because I will admit, I have a strong weakness for any book that has the word “Alpha” or “Shifter,” oh especially “Wolf” added to it. If those words are featured in the title, because I’m a sucker for werewolf romance. This book is really great if you’re interested in a hardcore BDSM lifestyle with some extreme romance scenes that are cringing bed romance for a shy girl like me. I’ll admit I’m 26 years old, married, and have a child but I am an alumina on deep dark sex in my own bedroom, reading this book had my toes and my eyes nervously twitching while reading it.

So if you’re into Shifter Romance, that are deep in the BDSM lifestyle that would have you lusting and cringing from the raw power of a hardcore romance than this is your book for sure! This book is written in the erotic style, so make sure when you read this book you’re complete alone or with a some warm bubbly bath friends because this books is a great erotica novel, even if this book is not for me.

Happy reading lovelies


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  1. On Saturday, December 17th 2016 Alexandra Hill said:

    I am droolong all over after reading your review! I’m currently crawling out of a reading slump (yay done with school!) and even though shifters has never been big in my reading history, BDSM has always been. Having the combo of the two sounds amazing, not the mention the herione a) not being afraid of the hero despite her history of bad choices and b) seems to revel in her own sexual apatites unapologetically. Thanks for another book to put on my TBR list, haha!

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