The Bad Luck Bride by Janna MacGregor

Thursday, April 13th 2017

The Bad Luck Bride: The Cavensham Heiresses by Janna McGregor Review

As always I would like to thank St. Martin’s via NetGalley for allowing the chance to read this book in exchange for an honest review.

The Bad Luck Bride is Janna MacGregor’s debut novel, unfortunately this book wasn’t for me. I don’t feel that Janna MacGregor is a bad author, or that she’s bad at writing thus why I am giving her debuting novel two stars, that’s not at all the reason. I felt while reading The Bad Luck Bride, there were many moments in the book where I cold not connect with the types of flaws the character and in the novel. I’m usually thrilled when I find authors writing about realistic or flawed characters, usually flawed characters make it easier for me to connect but not today. I just had a really hard time connecting with the character situation nor did I enjoy the journey that these characters put me through.

One thing I will say about this book is the cover is beautiful. The gorgeous, airy cover design of the book is amazing in it’s realistic detail however it does not truly comply with the written words of the book because the book is not all light in it’s content. I feel like the cover tricked me more than anything else did, this book is a testimony of never judging a book by its cover because you’ll be a tad bit disappointed if you read this book based on the it’s cover. I feel if the cover reflected the characters deeply buried demons, I wold have had a better reaction to it, but I also think the book had much deeper depth to it’s story like than just a basic romance novel would usually have. Both of the characters in the novel have deep issues that strains on their marriage as problems often do.

The book begins with  a tremendously gothic scene where Alex Marquese of Pembrooke, is having his life threaten by another man as a result of his sister’s death. Then in a flash the book jumps to Lady Claire’s life which is now falling apart yet again as another finance breaks off yet another engagement, that she goes into full panic attack mode during a thunderstorm. As the book continues it’s slowly, and I mean slowly revealing why the characters react to their situation  as the novel slowly continues. The key to this book is patience because the beginning of the novel is extremely slow paste, if you don’t mind having a book move slow in it’s action then this is the book for you, but I won’t exactly call this book a light reading. For me I find myself constantly putting the book down and urging myself to continue. Like I said before it had nothing to do with MacGregor writing I just felt that the content of the novel moved to slowly for me especially with the dramatic events that happen in this book. Even thought the book slowly showcases the reason why characters act the way they do, I still did not connect why the characters have to act in the manner that they did. I found it hard to truly connect to any character in the novel, either in through their character journey, through the events of the plot journey, or in the characters personality.

Overall, I couldn’t truly give this book a high rating because I really dislike the character, especially the hero. I couldn’t connect the book nor could I finish it without struggle. I think MacGregor has a strong voice for writing. I also believe she has a great eye for historical detail that her other genre writing sister could gain from reading her book. I feel that she’ is a great writer of drama and Gothic writing that would make historical Gothic authors proud, it’s just this particular story was not for me, at this moment.

I am not going into details hateful details about how I did not like this book. I’m just going to say that I did not connect with this book, it wasn’t for me and I did not enjoy reading it. That being said I feel that MacGregor is a talented author who is going to have a promising writing career as an author, writer and of course a story teller. Not all stories that are told, or published are for everyone. I’m hoping that one day MacGregor  writes a story that I will enjoy reading one day.

Happy Reading Ya’ll


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