The Face You Make When Learning Scottish Gaelic!

Wednesday, October 5th 2016


  Hello Lovelies!

How are you doing today? I can actually say that entire phrase in Scottish Gaelic, it would be:

Halo` Ciamar a tha thu?

Yep that’s right I love Outlander so much that I have decided to turn my entire academic life around and join Atlantis Gaelic Academy of Canada to learn Gaelic. That’s right me, a brown skin dreadloc Caribbean women decided to learn Scottish Gaelic, and I love it so much.

I had my first class yesterday. Since I came to the course a week late I managed to miss a few of the key details of the Gaelic alphabet and a few phrases I found myself constantly apologizing as I butchered pronunciation of every letter, phrase,and tone.

Thankfully most of my students are Canadian which means they were hell of more prepared as well as more experiences in Scottish Gaelic that I ever have been in North Dakota. But have no fear like a true example of a great course the teacher was more than kind in letting us know different type of online resources in helping us  become better fluent speakers in  Scottish Gaelic.

What I love about the course so far is the fact that this is my first time learning Gaelic. the course is arrange for you to learn the physical as well as the vocal. You aren’t just learning the academic portion of the material, you’re also learning to speak with your students along with the teacher as the course continues. I was not sure how the three hour courses was going to work since my toddler doesn’t exactly give me a chances to use the toilet without fear. Thankfully Larry, the husband whose’s supporting this bilingual  adventure, believes that the course as well last he combination with the yachter  is going to be great way od learning a language besides  just sitting ant dating to a computer through the software known as Rosetta Stone! I’m really glad that Rosetta Stone doesn’t have Scottish Gaelic as a language because I would never have found AGA to learn the basics of Scottish Gaelic.

Thankfully I was visiting my mom who was more than willing to ONCE AGAIN help buy my school supplies for my school. Seriously, I’m 26 years old and my mom still willing to help me go to school. I think it’s so ironic that I am learning Sottish Gaelic at my sisters house since overtime I visit her I constantly seem to be in school. Hopefully, after finishing my Masters in English I’ll only be in school for Gaelic. I think if I were in  Minot, I would have been even more nervous at starting Gaelic course. But thankfully my mom was more than excited to send me and my husband off to buy office supplies for school, giving her a chances to send even more time spoiling her youngest grand-daughter. If I am excited to be with my family, eating my mom warm baked goods, while my husband poisons me with healthy green smoothies that only leads me straight into he bathroom wishing my husband would go to hell for feeding me liquid death in a cup! But let’s focus more about my Gaelic lessons.

I really enjoy Scottish Gaelic, it’s as hard as I original thought it would be. Many of my classmates were nice enough to help me with my pronunciation, since they were more familiar with Scottish Gaelic than I am, since they are surrounded by native speakers or had family members that actually spoke Gaelic. Of course I was at a disadvantage since there are no native Gaelic speakers around my neighborhood, yet at my sisters house in Issaquah there is a college a few miles away that actually teaches Gaelic as a second language.

My teacher is very patient with me which makes me really excited for the course in the future. I will say when I first saw Gaelic vs hearing what it was completely different. I was so shocked I automatically though I as going to fail Gaelic before I even started. Thankfully the class is really well created to make people like me, who believed Gaelic was easy because Claire Fraser managed to learn it through Jamie Fraser! So far I am really happy to learning Gaelic. I am also happy that my husband bought me a binder that said “Dream Big” which is exactly learning Gaelic sounds like. I am dreaming big when it comes to learning Gaelic.

Wish me luck yall!

Warmest  Regards


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