The Hammer of Thor: Magnus Chase by Riordan Rick

Saturday, December 31st 2016


BY THE POWER OF THOR! I have been wanting to read this book since I persuades my mom to buy it for me while I was in line in Washington. Honestly, I felt so silly begging my mom to buy this book which of course was not on the shopping list. How could you possible not afford a little Magnus Chase on your dinner plate?

I love the Percy Jackson series, The Kane Chronicles, and now the Magnus Chase series, Rick Riordan writing style is enjoyable if not entertainment. Seriously Riordan books are amazing, they are written with such diversity that it really makes you appreciate his previous careers of being both a summer camp counselor and a teacher. I’m sure his experiences in both previous careers I’m sure he manage to meet a variety of different people, may they be students, other teachers, or even parents, people are people, and I’m really happy that Rick Riordan is no longer a teacher and a writer because we need more books from him!

I obviously love Magnus Chase: The Hammer of Thor. This book is divided into equal parts, laughter, fangirling, social education, and thinking of food. Where can I get some falafel, I’m really appreciating  any if all food references when it comes to books? I definitely recommend this book to anyone interested in Norse Mythology. I’m really glad that Riordan wrote this book around the same time that History Channel continued their show of Viking. My daughter  loves Viking, even though she has never seen it, she’s on 2 years old. What she loves about Viking is the part of the shield maiden. Once in a while she’ll take a pot cover and yell shield wall guarding the kitchen against the dangerous beast known as our dog Alcide. As much as I know Zoe would love to be able to watch Viking like the “big kids” I feel that Riordan  wrote the prefect book for me to read to my daughter at night while also reading it for myself.  I just love it so much. I love the original cast of characters, but the fact that Riordan has added more characters, to an already diverse set of characters only makes me even more excited for the next book.

The character that I love the most besides Magnus is of course Alex. Oh Alex Alex Alex, how can I tell the world how much I love Alex. Alex Flerro is a formerly living homeless, teenager, whose also transgender, as well as gender-fluid from Boston, Massachusetts. Alex is a Norse demigod and also a child of Loki. Sidebar: I love Loki. I know I shouldn’t I really know I shouldn’t . He’s supposed to be a bad guy. I know in my heart I am supposed to appose him but honestly I love Loki so much I can’t help myself. What makes it worse, how can I not love Loki when he has the most interesting and loving children! Another feature about this book that I love so dearly is the fact that Alex’s gender-fluidity was due to the influences of him/her (depending which gender Alex is at the time you read this) mother being Loki, this making him a homeless teen. When Magnus meets Alex, the fact that Alex’s is gender fluid does not shock Magnus since he saw many homeless teens kicked out of their sexuality, great parenting skills Ladies and Gentlemen. Another feature about this book that tI love the most is the fact that there is no romance, oh thank heavens. Have you ever read a book where you feel that the author had to force the characters to be in an unrealistic relationship formed between tension and of course the world about to end? Well, this book doesn’t have that which is beyond refreshing but also it sticks to the plot. I do however have hopes that Magnus and Alex may…eventually form a relationship. I know that’s bad to think of since I just said I’m happy for the book not to have a force romantic plot but I just can’t help the idea of Magnus and Alex. Oh I wonder if they have a ship name! Maglex? Is that a thing! Oh sweet murdered goat please tell me if this is a thing or not!

All in all I think this book is amazing! I give it 4 out of 5 stars, due to the fact that I felt that the tempo in the novel sometimes felt slow in parts where Magnus had to deal with new conflicts at a time. During those parts I felt myself putting the book down and walking away to microwave dinner, while other books that are more high tension in pace make me want to order takeout because the idea of putting the book down makes me ill to my stomach! Regardless I believe this book is amazing! I loved it so much that I ended up order “The Book of Runes” by Ralph H. Blum, a review on that soon to come. Make sure you have a wonderful day!

Love Lia!

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