The Heart of Betrayal by Mary E. Pearson Book Review

Saturday, April 2nd 2016

“For we must not just be ready,
for the enemy without,
but also for the enemy within.
And so shall it be,
Sisters of my heart,
Brothers of my soul,
Family of my flesh,
For evermore.” 
― Mary E. Pearson, The Heart of Betrayal

What I Loved:
The romance elements in this novel are heartfelt but dangerous. Kaden is in love with Lia but Komizar, the villain of this novel, is completely in lust with Lia. Already thinking of ways he can manipulate her to his will since the citizens of the barbarian kingdom of Vendan have fallen deeply in love with her. It’s because of Lia’s ability to make those around her to fall for her that she finds herself in a lot of trouble. Komizar is trying to control Lia while the love that Kaiden has for her is literally the only thing stopping Lia from finally meeting her deadly end. Despite how strong Lia is as the heroine in this book, she needs Kaiden to survive, while she feels guilty for using him, she needs to save the man she TRULY loves which is Rafe.

“There are no rules in survival.” 
 Mary E. Pearson, The Heart of Betrayal

I know a lot of people love Rafe, especially while reading The Kiss of Deception and I kinda like him although if he would have just fallowed the note this might have all have been ignored. Rase has a good heart, he is also strong and sometimes clever. At times Rafe can be calculating which can also lead towards what all young men have in common which is impulsive nature. This of course is why Lia fall in love with Rafe instead of my love of Kaden. Aw Kaden I still have faith that perhaps you’ll become a better character in the third book. I really like Kaden even with his backstory that was expressed in more detailed in this novel when compared to The Kiss of Deception. I’m just not sure if Kaden is going to ever going get the right girl, evah. Oh Kaden my heart goes out to you, cause you’re a bad anti-hero  kinda guy.

“I wished that love could be simple, that it was always given and returned in the same measure, equally and at the same time, that all the planets aligned in a perfect way to dispel all doubts, that it was easy to understand and never painful.” 
― Mary E. Pearson, The Heart of Betrayal

What I Like:
The majority of the novel is located in Venda which is alike an isolated Kingdom that Lia and Rafe are held kinda captive slightly hostage in. I love the way the kingdom is in ruins which only brings the stress of how badly the officials of this environment are so ruthless. I really enjoyed the character Komizar. Pearson did not just give us this new villain, telling us to simply hate him, she gave us his backstory and even his past romantic partner to give us a better demonstration of how ruthless he can be when it comes to the earning of power.

“When you think you’re at the end of your rope, give it three more days. And then another three. Sometimes you’ll find the rope is longer than you thought.” 
― Mary E. Pearson, The Heart of Betrayal

What I Did Not Like:
Can someone please explain to me what the devil is  the “gift”? Is it a type of magic? Is it one of those gifts that if Lia believes in herself that she would be able to control it? Honestly the concept of the gift is lost on me. I honestly hope that in the third and last book of The Remnant Chronicles it will finally be explained instead of leading me down a rabbit whole of cliff hangers! I also will like to say I did not understand the ghostly connection between Lia with the deceased Queen who use to speak to her kingdom on the wall. I’m hoping with the final book these clues will all make a wonderful plot reveal.

Let it be known that I thought The Heart of Betrayal was the first novel of The Remnant Chronicles, it is indeed better than the first installment of the series The Kiss of Deception by Mary E.Pearson. I have to say Yes I would recommend this novel to anyone who enjoys romance fantasy novels with an epic love triangle. Yes, the love triangle that we all either love or heat, its’s the main focus of this novel. I’m really happy to know that the love triangle is over with Lia & Rafe finally being together, even though I have to voice my love for the assassin. I can’t help it Kaiden stole my heart in the first book when he took Lia (fictional me) to that traveling camp! I’m also happy that Lia gave him a good egg on his ankle with that wooden sword. I’m happy for Lia but I can’t stop thinking if she would have gone to the wedding this might all be avoided? Hopefully there will be an epic showdown in the third novel because Pearson is now taking us, the reader, back to Dalbreck where I’m extremely excited to be!

Now thinking about it I would recommend this book to anyone whose a fan of the t.v. series Reign because if really does feel like it in some aspects of the plot.

I really enjoyed reading this novel, hopefully you will enjoy it as well
Happy Reading!

About Mary E. Pearson

I suppose I have always been enamored with story and character. My mother tells me I could be the most annoying little kid, waking up each day as a new character. Every morning she would have to ask me “who” I was for that day, because unless properly addressed I refused to answer anyone.

One time when I was about four years old, my parents were out shopping at Sears. They each thought the other had me by the hand when in fact I was exploring my own aisle (translation: I was lost!) Two salesladies found me and sat me on the counter, asking me my name so they could page my parents. I remember their consternation when I would only answer “Little Red Riding Hood.” They couldn’t shake my real name out of me no how, no way. I knew the value of persistence even then. My parents say they nearly fell over, when over the loud speaker they heard, “Would the parents of Little Red Riding Hood please come claim their child?” They knew exactly “who” was lost. These days I mostly wake up as myself, though I do seem to hang out with a lot of “characters” during the day.

Usually when people mention their education in their bios they only mention their college degrees, but to me, it is just as important what happened way before that. Wow–second grade! I will never forget Mrs. Alsenz. Boy, could she tell a great story! She would make them up and pretty soon have a classroom of wiggly kids exuberantly telling stories right along with her. And then there was Mrs. Bonsey in fourth grade. She always praised my writing and made a shy little girl feel like she might actually excel at something. And finally in twelfth grade came Mr. Kirk, crusty on the outside with a heart of gold on the inside, who loved the English language and taught his students to do the same. (Hey, Mr. Kirk, do you see me waving at ya?)

Later I went on to get a BFA from Long Beach State University in art. I worked for a time as an artist then started the most challenging job of my life–motherhood. Holy smokes, no one told me there would be no coffee breaks. But it is the most rewarding job I have ever had (watch out–I’ll start dragging out the pictures)

Still later, I went to San Diego State University where I received my teaching credential. I went on to teach many different grades but it was my second grade students who pushed me back into writing. During Writing Workshop I would sit with them and write, loving the process, loving the stories, and lo and behold deciding I would love to return to my first love. That’s a whole lot of lovin’ going on and luckily for me I was able to do just that. Not that writing is easy. I have a huge stack of rejections to prove it, but I still have enough of that Little Red Riding Hood persistence in me to keep on going.

Now I write full time from my home in San Diego. My books to date are The Adoration of Jenna Fox, A Room on Lorelei Street, Scribbler of Dreams, and David v. God. More are definitely on the way

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