The Joy of Parenting

Wednesday, September 13th 2017

Zoe Covington
Lia’s Bookish Obsessio

Having a daughter or any child is a blessing but it’s also a time where you want to introduce your child to the things that made you extremely happy. For my sister, she introduced her kids to The Muppets because she’s a huge Jim Henson fan, while I’m still traumatized from watching The Dark Crystal in my youth. The same goes for my daughter, not her being traumatized by The Dark Crystal, but by me wanting to share with her movies, and t.v. shows that I enjoyed when I was a child. Sometimes you don’t even have to try because of the t.v. shows you’re nostalgic past will reappear, sometimes worse than you imagine.

I realize that to be true when I caught my daughter watching a lion King based t.v. show where Mufasa’s grandson and his friends of mismatched animals run around the Pride Lands protecting other animals. When did this happen? When did Mufasa have a grandson that protected the entire Pride Lands in the show The  Lions Gaurd, which is like  African Prideland National Guard? How did the animals get so damn stupid that they need a group of baby animals to run around telling animals what plants and habits their suppose to live in?

You would think since Mufasa, Simba, Simba’s daughter Kairi never hard to tell animals in the Pride and how to survive that the grandson of Mufasa would have better things to do, yet this is the crap that Disney produced for my daughter’s entertainment and my horror. Also, why is it the monkey Rafiki is still giving advice to the same royal Lion family? He was an old monkey when Mufasa was in his pride, so how is that cartoon monkey still around with Mufasa’s grand son, hmmm cartoon logic.

But I’m feeling extremely hold, from falling down the stairs, to have a gorgeous medical professional tell me that wearing crocs will help me with my fallen arches and of course having all the things that I know in my childhood or nostalgic moments be confusing for the new generation of ladies and gents today. Well, hopefully, I after my physical therapy I won’t feel so elderly. Until next time I’m about to make myself an exciting bowl of Jell-O!

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