The Rathemaker Magician by K.L. Horvath Review

Thursday, April 28th 2016

Thanks to the powers of NetGallery and Booktrope Editions in exchange for an honest review, The Rathemaker Magician by K.L. Horvath is a hidden gem that I’m please to present to you.
The novels publication date is March 30, 2016 which means . . .
If you’re interested in a strong female character who, through extraordinary means, becomes an assistant to a devilishly handsome automaton male who performs acts of  magic then this is obviously waiting for you!
I’m honestly disappointed that this book isn’t more popular!  I looked on Goodreads and found that no one actually wrote a review on it and even less have read it. I really feel that this novel is a hidden gem. I understand from reading a review on this book on Amazon that it does have  unique quality of dialogue. However I believe if you have patiences this novel you will fall in love with the characters as much as I have.
You may or may not have realize from reading other reviews on my blog, I LOVE ROMANCE. I especially love historical romances. This novel is no differences it has a unique quality of historical romance webbed within its creative world building of magic.
The Rathemaker Magician by K.L. Horvath is only 308 stand-alone novel that really captures the imagination. The selling point for me is the strong heroine of Meredith May whose entire life is thrown into chaos one night when her father is summoned to help heal a peculiar young gentleman in an extraordinary living house. What even more peculiar is the fact that May’s father is not a doctor but a horologist! This should real frighten May, instead it only peeks her curiosity as she continues to follow this odd figure formally known as Icarus Bell.
My favorite character is Icarus Bell, he is not human, he can not fee, yet thought the novel he is becoming more than a mere animation with a blue flame heart but possible human. The best way of describing him is . . .
What if you no choose but to hurt those who asked for your help, despite how desperately you want to help them. What if you wanted to fall in love, be in love, and know what love is…
What if you had a chances to fix ever mistake you ever made
A chance to right ever wrong you ever committed upon another person, . .
Would you?
If you’re answer is yes then I highly recommend
The Rathemaker Magician by K.L. Horvath!
It’s a wonderful stand-alone novel that truly pushes the imagination. The dialogue has a rich contemporary flow it, which makes it easy to read in one sitting. I wouldn’t exactly call this novel a fast read since the magical properties of this novel demanded clear cut deitalso r else you’ll be lost in how the elements of  K.L. Horvath world works. This might be a turn off from some readers but I assure you if you have patients for the elemental properties that control the gates or rather the Rathe-Gates you’ll instantly fall in love with this sic fi, fiction, historical, fantasy novel. There’s world jumping, flying air ships, angels, gate ways, automatons, flaming blue light in replace of a human beating heart and oh yes  TATTOO DRAGONS COMING TO LIFE!

Gladiator 2000

I have this book a 3.5-4 stars!

Who would I recommend this novel to?
Anyone who loves reading these books:

If you enjoy the dialogue, plot twist and turn of The Thinking Woman’s Guide to Real Magic by Emily Croy Barker then The Rathemaker Magician by K.L. Horvath is for you!

If you’re patient enough to let the plot of Susan Dennard’s novel Truthwith reveal itself to you, then The Rathemaker Magician by K.L. Horvath is for you!

Those of you who loved the Jinni or Michael from Helene Wecker’s novel The Golem and The Jinni then prepare yourself for Bell in The Rathemaker Magician by K.L. Horvath

I really hope you enjoy my review
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I have loved writing since I was able to hold a crayon and that’s no joke. I wrote poems to my grandmother when I was five. These days I’m prone to write whatever strange twists of thought lead me to marvel at the world. I love writing about interesting quirky characters and throwing them into diabolical situations just to see how they get out of them. I find magicians, angels, androids and time travelers fascinating to write about. I’ve currently written about the time traveler and I’m working on my next book about a magician. I’m also happily married and have two ridiculously adorable cats.

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