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Monday, May 23rd 2016

Fun Fact : I am super scared of scary movies yet I can’t seem to get enough of them. That’s right I am totally the woman in the theater whose watching the entire movie between her fingers. Yes, I am the woman whose desperately holding your hand every time the music in the movie gets either to intense or rather to quite. Yes, I’ll even admit this to you, I even close my eyes at the first sight of violence even though we all know the sound is the worst part when it comes to a horror film. I remember the first time I ever saw a horror film it was with my material grandmother’s house. She treated the classic horror movies like documentaries, sitting me in front of her Sears television set watching the  1973 Exorcist & 1977 Exorcist 2, as an example of what would happen to a bad Catholic girl. Needless to say life showed me other ways that your body can be possessed without demonic entities. There is another worldly bliss to having our toes curl, your back arch while you’re practically levitating from the bed it’s self, that’s right adolescence taught me there are other ways to be a bad  Catholic girl, especially when you’re playing hide the Bishop. All those factors combine I’m still highly attracted to romantic paranormal novels.

Despite me being a huge scaredy cat I can’t stop fighting the lure of a great paranormal novel, which lead me to find  The Spirit Chaser by Kat Mayor  thanks to the power of  Netgallery. The greatest part about this novel is that it’s already available on Amazon Kindle & Amazon PB for you to read immediately. I highly recommend all Jennifer L. Armentrout paranormal writing fans, Jennifer Niven’s All The Places You Will Go, all fans of haunting romantic tales involving contemporary ghost haunts great sex scenes and great character development. Yes, I also want to mention you’re going to need some tissues, because you might shed some tears. The Spirit Chaser is a great adult paranormal romances that truly toss, turn, pull and sway your heart in directions you didn’t even know where possible.

I finished this book 01h44 AM CT reading this morning. I couldn’t stop reading it even though I was highly terrified of what might be awaiting for me at the end. I trusted my heart so very much to Kat Mayor,  to lead me to a happy ending. However, not all happy endings are written the way we wish them to be perceived. After reading this emotional haunting novel, I wrapped my arms tightly across a very tired although even more confused husband. There are books that change your perspective because of the journey the narrator takes you but there are stories that change your very state of mind. For me, The Spirit Chaser confirmed my entire belief system of how much you can love someone from this life to the next. Honestly, if this book needed a theme song I nominate Florence and The Machine-Never Let Me Go.

The Spirit Chaser Series Kat Mayor

The Review

This is an adult book, that’s right Lia read an adult book. Yes, it’s an adult romance book which means he most definitely puts his Rhode Island in her Delaware in great details, with great ease force, and sexual tension. My blog keeps containing majority young adult, which I have no issues with but there are times I need characters that are my own age. I truly love this story and I’m not sure why it’s not more popular amongst urban fantasy, haunted romances bloggers and readers. Honestly, this novel needs a larger stronger fan base and I’m selfishly promoting myself as part of that Mayor fanbase.

The Spirit Chaser is more than a horny haunting romances novel it contains a lot of romantic elements that encompasses the realms of love. There is a wonder range of love, their is bromances, family dynamic love, romantic love, the love of friendship, the love of a lost love one, the strength to love again, and the hardest love of all loving yourself. Love is such a powerful force, Mayor truly captures as much range of the powerful force of love within 442 pages, this is very important because everyone reading should be able to connect with a character in the book there reading. There are a perfect mixture of heterosexual love and homosexual love with no clear writing differences, sometimes there are authors that are extremely intimidated to write character that are out of their racial identity or sexual attraction. But, I’m really happy how the LGBTQIA characters where written and how their relationship with their sexual partners were equally visible as their heterosexual counterpart couples.  Even though, the heterosexual couples are the supporting characters of the main love interest, it does not mean they are not key characters within he plot itself. A big issue that I see in some writing is their always a gay friend within the main characters arsenal of friends but they do not hold a strong roll within the plot itself. This is not the case with Mayor’s writing, every character that you meet within is important to the relationship of the entire plot and character development. There is also a great range of religious diversity containing New Age Religious Buddhism, Catholicism, Shamanism, and Baptist. Range of romance and religion seriously why aren’t you buying this book from Amazon right now!

Let’s talk about characters, most of all my favorite characters Casey.  Case is a character that I seriously wish was real because we could have been best of friends, of course I am judging her based on her fabulous reading selection. Case is a 25 year old former student who has loved strongly and lost. She’s also a great fan of reading being a fan of Jennifer L. Armentrout Lux series, she’s literally a woman of my own heart. She’s also a clairvoyant, which means she has the ability to see and speak with the decease if not more. What I really enjoyed about Case’s character is that her paranormal abilities are accurate to any fan of ghost hunting shows.

Fun Fact I want ghost stories to make sure I don’t accidentally  wander into a haunted motel during my vacation time. I also carry sage in my purse, cause I’m always prepared for a ghost attack. What can I say I’m always I can’t forget my Obeah witchcraft heritage even while I’m living in North Dakota. This is probably why I feel that Case and I would have been best friends in a fictional world capacity!
Case is smart, strong willed, and a powerful character. Most of all Case is an adult who stands up for herself in difficult situations although she’s not always right she has the kindness to think about how she may have hurt others allowing her the capability to apologize. She’s the most human I’ve seen a character be in a long time. It’s due to Case’s strong personality that really allowed me to fall in love with her romantic interest,, Austin Control Cole with her.

The romance between these two is just amazing. I’m trying my best not to tell you all the gushy details, but, let’s just say Austin is more than worth fall in love with and Case is more than deserving of this love. Their relationship started in the traditional romantic plot way, romantic tension turns into romantic desire, however the journey of their relationship truly showcased on much they honestly mean to each other. It was because of that strengthening of their relationship I wanted Kay Mayor to lead me to a happy ending. Like I stated before the ending that we as readers want doesn’t mean that the writers are obligated to give us. Hint: If theres a prediction in the beginning of a novel, believe it. It’s honestly the authors way of foreshadowing that are hearts are going to be stolen within each turning of the page.

I love this books so much, and I’m so happy that their is going to be sequel to it. I didn’t like Cole when first introduce to him but he grew under my skin, I didn’t want him to leave.I tried so hard to put myself to rest thinking that the ending was enough to satisfy me if Kay Mayor decided not to continue however she graced me with hope when she replied back to me saying the journey continues. Thank the Gods cause those sex scenes where the bomb dot com dot net and I can’t wait to see what ghostly desires might happen.

Please stay tuned. Stay connected & Continue Reading. But also please pick up your copy of  The Spirit Chaser by Kay Mayor! It’s a wonderful contemporary paranormal romance that will leave me believing the power of a lovers promise can extend the barriers of faith in addition to death itself.
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  1. On Monday, May 23rd 2016 kmmontemayor said:

    I LOVE your review. It’s so great reading your perspective. You hit on things I didn’t consciously think about when I was writing it. Like about all the aspects of love. I agree. Florence and the Machine works perfectly as a theme.

  2. On Monday, May 23rd 2016 Lia said:

    Thank you so much! I’m so glad I brought insight!

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