The Tea Planter’s Wife A Novel by Dinah Jefferies ARC Review

Tuesday, June 7th 2016

Grab your favorite cup of tea and get reading for this amazing adult romantic historical fiction that spans across cultures and customs. When I saw this novel on Netgallery’s most requested types from the publication company of Crown Publishing it took no time to see why it was so very popular. This is my first time reading a bestselling author Dinah Jefferies. I’m really glad I was given the chances to read her newest novel The Tea Planter’s Wife. She is definitely an author that I am going to constantly keep an eye on. I really love the way she writes. She has a very elegant way of introducing topics in this novel that are subtle yet powerful within their own presence. The way this story told reminds me of  Isabel Allende novel Daughter of Fortune.

The Tea Planter’s Wife is an elegant gripping tale that covers more topics than you would imagine within it’s 432 pages you would think possible. This book explains between the topics of family secrets, violences towards the working class and workers, sadness, racial tension and racism, along with other sub topics. There is also the level of anguish that the character Gwen, the young planter’s wife, has to endure that will pull on your heart-strings in directions you didn’t think was possible. I’m sure you’ll enjoy the talents of author nah Jefferies. There are so many characters in this novel such as, Savi, an artist, Verity, Gwen’s sister-in-law, and there is also Christina, the other woman. There is so much in this novel that I’m having a hard time not just telling you just enough to encourage your curiosity to read it yourself before I tell you to much and spoil all the delightful plot twist and turns awaiting you.

I highly recommend this book to those who joy Isabel Allende romantic historical fictions, or The Summer Before the War by  Helen Simonson.
 Happy Reading Lovelies!

About Dinah Jefferies

*Breaking News* Richard & Judy pick THE TEA PLANTERS WIFE for their autumn bookclub 2015. Here’s what Santa Montefiore said: ‘My ideal read; mystery, love, heart-break and joy – I couldn’t put it down.’

Here’s what Richard Madeley said. “The Tea Planter’s Wife is so much more than a conventional love story, with all its twists and turns and guilt and betrayal…deeply impressive. The fetid, steamy atmosphere of the tropics rises from these pages like a humid mist. We are on a tea plantation in 1920s Ceylon and 19 year old Gwendolyn Hooper is the new bride of the owner, a wealthy and charming widower. But her romantic dreams of marriage are overshadowed by echoes from the past – an old trunk of musty dresses; an overgrown and neglected gravestone in the grounds. Her new husband refuses to talk about them. Gwen’s perfect man is becoming a perfect stranger…”

Quote from the great author Kate Furnivall about my first book THE SEPARATION:

‘A powerful story of love and loss that is utterly captivating. I was drawn deep into the world of Malaya and England in the 1950s in this intense exploration of what it means to love. Beautifully written and wonderfully atmospheric, Dinah Jefferies skilfully captures this fragile moment of history in a complex and thrilling tale. THE SEPARATION is a gripping and intelligent read.’

In 1985, the sudden death of Dinah Jefferies’ fourteen year old son brought her life to a standstill. She drew on that experience, and on her own childhood spent in Malaya during the 1950s to write her debut novel, The Separation. The guns piled high on the hall table when the rubber planters came into town for a party, the colour and noise of Chinatown, the houses on stilts, and the lizards that left their tails behind.

Now living in Gloucestershire, Dinah once lived in Tuscany working as an au pair for an Italian countess; she has also lived in a ‘hippy’ rock’n roll commune based in an Elizabethan manor house, but started writing when she was living in a small 16th Century village in Spain.

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