Throw Back Thursday!

Thursday, May 19th 2016

Hello again and welcome to a personal themed Throw Back Thursday!
Today I wanted to share with you a photo from my past of me and my husband. As some of you might know from my podcast with Sarah Wendell 193. Smart Bitches Trashy Books Podcast, my husband is an extremely supportive. This is rather great on my part because he’s also my very best friend. I won’t bore you with the details of how we meet, it’s just safe to say that we meet in art school in Orlando Florida. He was extremely goofy looking, plus he was  extremely proud of the fact that he could grow a very hair beard. What’s up with that?
I never though I would fall in love with a guy who faithfully wears white tub socks with shorts. That’s not just a fashion no-no that’s just a complete and utter NO! Readers, I won’t lie to you I tried to break up with him a million times, safe to say I was EXTREMELY afraid to be in a commit relationship with someone after leaving home. Every time I tried to broke up with him he would just  say, “You need your space” or “I respect your decision but I still love you”. I would get sooooooo annoyed with him when he said stuff like that, like how can you be so patient with someone you just meet? How can you love someone so much when you’ve only known the person for less than a year?One time I asked him how can he believe this breakup wasn’t going to be the final break up? He would just shrug his massive shoulders and say  I have faith that we’re going to be together in the end, you just need space. Now I get it, that sounds super romantic for all us book readers out there but remember I was 18 in Florida. That type of  instantly my mind told me that love that strong only lead you face down in an unmark grave, especially living in Florida. So of course I broke up with him. Then life would throw me for a loop, I would find myself practically on my knees silently crying help, for someone to just help me, just like a silent prayer he would be there to help me.

Now I look back at my crazy artistic hair style wondering if I new 8 years from now that this super nerdy guy would support me in creating my personal library, then a book blog!
Thank goodness he had patience and faith on his side!

Have an amazing Thursday You Guys!
~Sincerely Lia

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