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Monday, September 26th 2016

Voyager by Diana GabaldonVoyager (Outlander, #3) by Diana Gabaldon
Series: Outlander
Published by Dell on October 26th 1994
Genres: Historical Fiction, Romance, Fantasy, Fiction
Pages: 1059
Format: Hardcover
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From the author of the breathtaking bestsellers Outlander and Dragonfly in Amber, the extraordinary saga continues.
Their passionate encounter happened long ago by whatever measurement Claire Randall took. Two decades before, she had traveled back in time and into the arms of a gallant eighteenth-century Scot named Jamie Fraser. Then she returned to her own century to bear his child, believing him dead in the tragic battle of Culloden. Yet his memory has never lessened its hold on her... and her body still cries out for him in her dreams.
Then Claire discovers that Jamie survived. Torn between returning to him and staying with their daughter in her own era, Claire must choose her destiny. And as time and space come full circle, she must find the courage to face the passion and pain awaiting her...the deadly intrigues raging in a divided Scotland... and the daring voyage into the dark unknown that can reunite—or forever doom—her timeless love.

Favorite Quotes from the novel

“Do ye want me?” he whispered. “Sassenach, will ye take me – and risk the man that I am, for the sake of the man ye knew?” 

“It has always been forever, for me, Sassenach” 

“Then kiss me, Claire,” he whispered, “And know that you are more to me than life, and I have no regret.” 

The Review


I’m here once again to give you another wonderful review of a book I’ve recently read, Voyager book three from Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander Series. I’m not really sure how to review Voyager, or any Outlander books from this series, since so many things happen in this one novel that it’s hard to even express how the plot, the imagery, the character development let along the writing style of the character relationships, tension, and emotional connection between the characters that not only breaks your heart but truly makes you rethink any novel when compared to Diana Gabaldon’s plot twist and turns.

Gabaldon’s writing style really makes you feel like you are hearing this strong whispered to you like a dream. When I read her novels, I really feel like my entire mind is being placed in a realm between wake and sleep. It feels like the world at my feet is actually  at the quite hour between waiting for either the sun to break free from the night or the night to overcome into darkness. That is how transporting the Outlander series is to me, Voyager is no differences.

Voyager of course takes place after Dragonfly in the Embers. Claire and JamieFraser are reunited but of course their reunion is centered around plot twist, turns, and plot thickens events, not to mention to ever turning adventures cloud that seems to surround the lovable couple of the surviving Frasers. Claire is a different type of woman that I have ever experiences in my reading pleasure. There are times I think she would give up on Jamie, turn around and find the nearest standing stones, returning back to her time, instead she seems to have the patiences of a saint with her love. Voyager is about Claire returning to Jamie after being separated for 20 years after being pushed through the standing stones. After spending twenty years apart from her  beloved, Claire finds herself explaining to a bewildered Brenna about the history of how her father isn’t Frank Randall. But a two hundred year old red headed HighLand Scots Warrior named James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie  Fraser. How could she not be Jamies child? With her straight noise, that could perhaps be a tad bit to straight. Bright blue eyes set perfectly within a cat eye slant, of course this might be to much for Brenna to take. That is why  Claire has asked for the help of the late Reverend Wakefield’s adopted son Roger MacKenzie, a Oxford college student studying in historical text, with the help of Roger and Brenna to find Jamie, the love of Claire’s life.

Twenty years is a very long time without your heart. With Claire and the baby gone through the stones, Jamie sure left to face The Battle of Culloden, waiting to die. Ironically, Jamie did not die at the final Jacobite rising of 1745. Surrounded by the dead Clan’s man nor the formulaic friends and other Jacobites slowly dying from wounds or injuries, Jamie manages to not only to live a very lonely twenty years without a family.I have to say the things that Jamie Fraser experiences during the twenty years is both heart breaking as well as extremely lonely. I love this book so much for it’s emotional connection that Jamie and the Claire hold throughout the novel expanding such distances.

But I also though that Jamie was going to die during this sea side voyage!

My favorite scene in the book are also great spoilers!

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Another moment I enjoyed form the book was the historical notes about the West Indies. I’m from the Bahamas, spending majority of my childhood being raised in Eletherua, which is why I was so excited when reading about all the NOW Bahamian Islands that Jamie and Claire, along with all their sea side companions, where traveling. My dad would tell me stories of pirates constantly barely managing to escape the British Navy, using the sharp rocks of the cost of Eletherau to hide since the beach was to shallow to actually have a large vessel to go near. It was really fun to read the a similar if not a more accurate story being told in this historical fiction!

Now my favorite fantastic couple are making a new life in the America, wit young Brenna being haunted by the soft touch of her ghostly parents! I am already ten chapters in the next installment of Diana Gabaldon’s series! I rally hope my reviews convince you to start reading too!

Happy Reading


About Diana Gabaldon

Diana Gabaldon is the New York Times bestselling author of the wildly popular Outlander novels-Outlander, Dragonfly in Amber, Voyager, Drums of Autumn, The Fiery Cross, and A Breath of Snow and Ashes (for which she won a Quill Award and the Corine International Book Prize)-and one work of nonfiction, The Outlandish Companion, as well as the bestselling series featuring Lord John Grey, a character she introduced in Voyager. She lives in Scottsdale, Arizona.

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