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Monday, November 21st 2016

Hello love!

Some of you may or may not know that I am in the process of learning Gaelic! That’s right I am in the process of learning Gaelic, and I’m not sure what is more shocking to people, the fact that a woman from the Caribbean is going out of her way to learn the language of the Scottish Highlands, or the fact that I really enjoy learning it. Mind you I am not great at Scottish Gaelic but I am going to master this beautiful language with the help with tutors, and Atlantic Gaelic Academy if not the long distant Gaelic program from Scotland itself. However, this has not stopped me from picking up all the Scottish theme romance novels that my husband so loves to mock me. This might be hard for some people to belive, but I get utterly embarrassed when I am caught reading a romance novel. To powers I am not sure of, but my husband always seems to catch me reading the most intimate part of the book. Seriously, I could be reading a 400 page book, then find myself 350 pages in when the characters are finally physically showing their interest he finds me. He doesn’t just find me, he totally ruins the mood of me finally getting to see these characters get it on! Imagine, there I am sitting knees push tightly against my chest holding the book so close to my face that I can see the male character after y  spreads the legs of the female character after y  spreads the legs of the female character after so many romantic tension, my husband walks into the library asking if I knew where Zoe’s diaper bag is, (Answer: it’s always in Zoe’s bedroom closet) of course my face shows it all. My eyes are dinner plates, my heart is running around the world in seconds, and my cheeks are red. That’s right, we can blush just like anyone else, don’t let the ignorance of pigmentation  fool you. Of course, he doesn’t what any mature husband who do, he interrogates me about what I am reading, ( which I quickly hide). This then turns into a tickle fight for me to loosen my death grip of the book. To have him read the book out loud, changing his voice to match the lusty sound of what I hope is not a mocking imitation of what I seriously hope is not my voice. Honestly I hope the whimpering lusty voice that he reads the female characters moans or please aren’t me. I am going to have to question him the next time he takes a romance novel, embarrassingly takes a romance novel way from me.


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  1. On Monday, November 21st 2016 Latoya said:

    TERRIBLE. XD I’d die.

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