What am I currently reading?

Saturday, June 18th 2016


Hey you guys!
Look how much my library has grown! It’s so crazy! 5 bookcases! 5 bookcases! I’m so happy. Okay me let start talking in ACTUALLY sentences! It’s such a blessing to see this small hobby that I was denied through an extremely mean librarian come into a fully functioning career. There is so much backlash for being  stay at home mom, let alone obtaining your degree online. That moments like these truly show me how lucky I am to have such a wonderfully supportive friends and family can really make ones heart beat twice as fast but three times stronger.
Thanks Ya’ll!

But enough about that, what about you!

How are you guys doing? I hope everything is going well with you. I’m still very busy reading, writing, reviewing while maintaining a firm grip on my studies, family life and sleep. Sleep is very important to me, how else am I going to spend time with my fictional boyfriends when it’s to dark to read. *wink wink* This summer has been absolutely amazing. My family is finally getting settled in our new home. We are finally ready to buy new furniture that couldn’t not survive another move to another home. Let’s take a moment of silences for all the pieces that just couldn’t move no longer.




Now that’s done let me tell you what I am reading today on this Saturday June 19th! I am finishing up a spiritual book, which is rather different from all the YA, NA, and Adult Romances, Paranormal, and etc that I usually post about. I’ve been trying to read Green Witchcraft: Folk Magic, Fairy Lore & Herb Craft by Ann Moura ever since Holly Black & Sarah J Maas words ever grease across my glasses.  After reading so many amazing fictional books about witches such as Crystal Stellers Fire Within Me, and Zoraida Córdova’s Labyrinth Lost and let’s not forget Spirit Chaser by the lovely Kat Mayor ,who won’t want to read a little more about the TRUE  magic that happens in modern witchcraft today!

So much success has happened to me so very quickly, that I want to take some time to focus on  I bought my copy used on eBay, and I must say, who ever previously owned made it extremely hard to focus while reading. Every single time I turn the page there’s a strong smell of incense that instantly relaxes me. I love reading this book, especially after running around trying to put our daughter to bed. Why is sleep such an evil beast to toddlers? I rely on those naps to get my reading done! Thank goodness for lavender because the soft scent of lavender puts her to sleep faster than any lullaby!
Hopefully I can finish reading this before my school assignments demand my attention
Happy Reading!

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