What Happens After by Portia Moore

Tuesday, June 28th 2016

Hell everyone!
Let me just say this. I finished Portia Moore’s What Happens After. . . , yesterday just in time ti walk the dog. Mind you I live in North Dakota, it’s extremely quite here in Minot so you can pretty much hear an ant stumble over a blade of grass. Now picture it . . .

It’s 8 am in the morning the nosey old lady, who I have nicknamed The Oracle, is currently setting up camp to spy on all the going ons in the complex. The new handy-man whose’s painstakingly pulling weeds from the cracks of the rock garden in front of each apartment building. Meanwhile I’m circling the apartment with my wolfish pup Alcide, trying to find the prefect spot to defecate. This this process can take longer than I deem necessary, I decided to call my mom to tell her about the book I just finish reading. I’m going into exhausting details about how the book, the characters, plot twist (or reveal) to gain my mother’s reaction if I myself like those features or not. Of course my mom knows I’m talking about a book meanwhile this is what my nosey neighbors hear:

Me:  . . . I know I can’t believe she ACTUALLY have sex with him her BEST FRIENDS FATHER! I mean who hasn’t had a crush on someone older, but that is ridiculous. Then revealing what happen after all these years cause you felt guilty!
[Mom Responds on the Phone]

Me: Don’t even get me started on that FACT

[Mom Responds on the Phone]
Me: Ohhhh you’re right, it’s all to messy huh? She should have put some years between the sex and the character setting huh? The guy is so handsome on the cover I swear the dad was having sex with a MALE best friend. OMG Could you imagine that story? Older man caught having sex with 27 year old best friend, after years of marriage to reveal he’s actually bi-sexual.
Me: Plus he’s meet his wife at 17, and he had sex with Lisa at 17
[Mom Responds on the Phone]
Me: I’m sure there’s a market for that, probably a book about it anyway. It’s all the rage on Craigslist. Spent the entire morning looking it up. So many penises on Craigslist, I might open a gay club here if I get the chance to move.
[Mom Responds on the Phone]

Me: Let’s get started about the cancer!
Nosey Neighbors Face:

The nosey oracle was so busy trying to listen into the conversation in attempts to figure out WHO EXACTLY I was talking about that she didn’t realize that she was no longer cleaning the fuzzy blanket anymore, instead she was brushing back of a chair she was practically standing on. I of course told her it was a book I was reading, that way she didn’t tell the entire world the fictional drama of the book. Now on to the review

The Review

This book is completely out of my comfort zone, which is saying a lot since I really hate myself for loving Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov. Which I will admit I love it for it’s literature technique not he fascination of rape. Let’s make that clear. I don’t want the world to believe I slept with my best friend dad and want to sleep with underage children. See, these are the books you can never talk about in public. Ha I think I’m going to make a bookish meme about that. Books you can’t talk about in public! Now, seriously back to the review.

What Happens After is a book of DRAMA! What did I stumble on! I mean serious small town drama, this book is the story of Amy Fisher meets Lolita while merged with Oliver Twist! The character Lisa is really lucky that Gwen, the wife, isn’t from my family because this book would have not ended in forgiveness but a mass murder.

There are so many items about this book where I was just confused, but not by the story line by the actions of the characters. What is happening to these people, is no one get angry? Does no one hulk out? Every one is so calm, even after the shock everyone is so damn calm. I just don’t understand. The actions of these character had me wondering, how violent am I? Answer, damn near evil.

First off, what does Will look like? Is he the only good looking guy in the town? He managed to date between sisters, then marry one of the sisters, which by all means is beyond gross. Then in the most Amy Fisher scene ever, he’s making out with a lack-of-self-confidences-teenager at the age of forty-one. Seriously, what does William look like for him to cast himself in all this dramatic series of events. He better look less like Joe Buttafuoco and more like Joe Manganiello!

The tone of the novel is amazing, consisting of multiple point of view in which each characters syntax is written utterly different. A reader won’t be able to confuse the speech pattern of a forty-one year old man of the past with the same characters narration ten years later. The combination of Lisa living in an unstable home, Will living in a stressful time period in his life with his wife health failing, causes the plot to unfold! Honestly if Will wanted to feel alive he should have just driven to Flint, Michigan in the middle of the night yelling profanity out the window. I’m sure he would have felt alive. EXTREMELY ALIVE!

Ohhh and Chapter 13 in the KITCHEN! Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh My Goodness! I mean this is crazy!

Overall this book is entertaining it’s very dramatic and it’s very interesting. I’m giving it a 3/5 stars. It’s not my cup of tea, I really didn’t relate to any of the characters, but I I love the story hate the ending. My mother did not raise the love child of my father when they were in a relationship, and she’s the strongest woman I know. I’m not sure even in a fictional world how any woman would do such a thing. Thus why I couldn’t love the book, although I was very entertained. 

This book is totally worth the read, it has intense tones, great characters, heartbreaking scenes, with A LOT OF EMOTIONS!
Happy Reading!

2 Responses to: What Happens After by Portia Moore

  1. On Tuesday, June 28th 2016 kmmontemayor said:

    Great review! I have to say, you’ve piqued my curiosity.

  2. On Tuesday, June 28th 2016 Lia said:

    It’s an interesting reading but I just didn’t connect with the ending! Still a great read!

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