Why I love, Summer Under My Quilt by Crystal Sellers

Tuesday, March 8th 2016

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I was approached by the lovely Pecan Summers to review Summer Under My Qulit by Crystal Sellers, when we held a though provoking conversation about ice cream. *wink* Now if you’re dirty minded like me, you obvious think you know exactly what this book is about . . .
*wiggle eyebrows suggestively*
If you read this book what that thought in mind, you my friend are going to be wonderful disappointed. Summer Under My Quilt is so much more than your typical romances novel. You know exactly what I mean when I say typical, they usually have a wonderful lusty cover with characters such as the awkward lonely female whom is  unexceptionally finding herself  attracted to a tone musclier male love interest. A few pages within the novel you will find yourself utterly confused because the characters are performing well detailed sexual actives that require my calories that you or I are willing to burn during a  P90X DVD.

Summer Under My Quilt is much more than a contemporary romances novel, it’s a coming to age through rediscovery romances novel, filled with heartbreaking betrayal, strength, faith, persistence, and wisdom to a new. I found myself reading this novel twice, each time I read the novel I really felt like a guest at the Creeway’s home. This novel brought back of feeling of homesickness that I did not know I held in such high regards. The characters are enriching, mature, while going through realistic situations for their age bracket. I found the love development in Summer Under My Quilt to have a  respectful love quality to it that I did not realize I would enjoy. Let’s face it most of the romances novels I read would make my mother wash my eyes with soap let alone my mouth, and she reads The Outlander Series! I don’t usually read faith based romances novels, but by the time I realize that it was a Christian based novel I though this was a test.

There is a wonderful cast of characters within this novel that hold such a radiant light within their community, their families, as well as their within themselves. I honestly loved each and everyone one of them especially Pastor Stone. I really loved how mature the character Reid Stone, the only words I can truly think of to describe the character of Reid is romantic, gentlemanly, patient, and my favorite way to describe a male character utterly swoon worthy. Thank you Crystal Sellers for creating Pastor Reid Stone. Can we please take a moment of silences for Reid Stone whose an example of  that you can be swoon worthy at any age.

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The only person in this novel I did not like was Bobby. Nope did like him and when you read the first 3 chapters of the novel you’ll know exactly why. I felt like such a heathen because I expected the entire estate to burn. I would have watched everything burn without a second though but thank goodness thats not what happened or else this novel would have been a murder mystery instead of a wonderful modern romances novel that warmed my heart and touched my spirit.

Don’t miss out on this amazing novel. Make sure to read this graceful coming to age novel for those who have lived their lives yet find themselves  given a second chances for happiness.
Thanks again to Pecan Summers and to Crystals Sellers!
I enjoyed this novel so much that I read it twice before writing this review.
Summer Under My Quilt by Crystal Sellers is a delight heartfelt read.
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About Crystal Sellers

Crystal Sellers was born in a small town in Oklahoma where she was raised in the country and lived a very simple life. Her parents didn’t have much, but her needs were always met. Her siblings include one younger brother as well as an older step sister and younger step brother. She was born into a big close-knit family with lots of aunts, uncles and cousins. Crystal was the first born grandchild on her mother’s side and her papa’s world.
She was born with a disability and went through a lot growing up; seeing doctors, wearing braces, surgeries, and physical therapy was a big part of her young life. Though it never slowed her down. Despite her disability she always found a way to make things happen.
Crystal met her husband just out of high school. They have been married for Fifteen years. They have a teenage son. He is the joy in their lives. Her family is the light of her life and the reason to keep going every day. Also part of the family are three mini dachshund’s; the bosses of the house.
Writing is just one of her passions. A way to escape to a world that she can only dream of.

8 Responses to: Why I love, Summer Under My Quilt by Crystal Sellers

  1. On Tuesday, March 8th 2016 Crystal Sellers said:

    Oh my goodness girl! You made me laugh so much reading this! I am so happy you loved it that much. Also from your description of Pastor Reid I nailed him on the head perfectly! That was exactly what i was going for.
    Thank you again, seriously I am so touched by your words and thoughts for this my very first novel.

  2. On Tuesday, March 8th 2016 Pecan Summers said:

    Lia, girl you are in my heart! Didn’t get my ice cream because it would have taken too many calories to go to the store so instead I had seconds on my Mexican food. LOL. But hey, when I finally do go to the store they still won’t count, as they were saved, right? LOL
    Thank you so much for working with us! We are a new entity and are honored to say that you are one of our firsts! *wink* Always looking for fabulous reviewers and hot new authors!
    Loved your review and hearing your thoughts! The GIFs fit perfectly and made me laugh! Looking forward to working together again soon!

  3. On Tuesday, March 8th 2016 Lia said:

    I am so glad you enjoyed the review!I have nothing but a great feeling in my heart we are going to be great ice cream buddies from this day forth!*double wink*

  4. On Tuesday, March 8th 2016 Lia said:

    I should be thank you! I truly enjoyed Pastor Reid and Megan’s journey. I love this book so much that I read it twice. The book has such a warmth to it that before I wrote the review I took sometime with my family. That’s how amazing your novel is, it leaves the reader with a great sense of “Everything is going to be okay today” vibe! I usually get that vibe after eating ice cream so you save my about 1000 sugary calories! I truly enjoyed your book and can’t wait to see what you have next!

  5. On Tuesday, March 8th 2016 Crystal said:

    Awe that’s so awesome

  6. On Tuesday, March 8th 2016 Pecan Summers said:

    Well that calls for celebration! (and celebratory calories don’t count, right? haha)

  7. On Tuesday, March 8th 2016 Benny Saniatan said:

    I love the flag block. Is there any way you can do a tutorial or pattern or tell me where you got your pattern from. Thanks.

  8. On Tuesday, March 8th 2016 Lia said:

    Sure thing just email me =)

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