Why I Love The Dark Element Series

Wednesday, January 20th 2016


There are times when we find a series that captives us so much that despite knowing ever catch phrase, swooning over our favorite scene, and panicking during the most heart wrenching action fight, it’s still our favorite books. Why do we love the series so much! Why can’t we seem to let go of our favorite characters or the world the author has built for them? Since NONE of my friends [That’s right Latoya I called you out.] have finished any of JLA books. I’m have no room to release me inner fangirl, thus I’m blogging to you my dear readers. I’m going to tell you why I can’t seem to get Cayman, Roth, Bambi, or even Zayne out of my head.

The first book of the series, White Hot Kiss, introduces us to an ongoing battle between the forces of the Wardens, and the Demons. This battle seems pretty clear-cut, the supranational creatures with the pure souls  our heroes, while the demons, who are lacking a soul are entirely pure evil. Again this seems like a clear plot point for novel.View Spoiler » Until we meet Roth, the swoon worthy upper demon who not only saves Layla, from pursuing a demon in a back alley, but also challenges every concept of what Layla is raised to believe.

With her first outing with Roth, Layla struggles with the concept that not all demonic beings of evil intent, witnessing the mischievous behavior  from the demons yet seeing them harm none. She also finds a common ground with Roth that she never expected to experiences. She and Roth share a pit of loneliness, as well as a desire to be accepted as themselves.
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“You always seemed lonely. Even when you were with your friends, you were lonely.”
My chest spasmed. “And you…you’re lonely?”
“What do you think?” He shifted so that one leg was between mine. “But it doesn’t really matter. I’m not lonely right now. Neither are you.”

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Also can we just take a moment to laugh at the irony of Harry Potter series is still firmly placed on the  banned book list, due to “teaching” Satanism, Witchcraft, or Black Magic, while The Dark Element series has a character based from demonology. Ha. Ha.
The very description of Arastraoth is based from the Dutch demonologist, Johann Weyer described Astraoth in Pseudomonarchia Daemonum as:

Astaroth is a great and a strong duke, coming forth in the shape of a foul angel, sitting upon an infernal dragon, and carrying on his right hand a viper. . . 

Dark Marble Skin
Infernal Dragon tattoo named Thumper
Anaconda snake name Bambi
Yea, I’ll admit it, I’m demoniacal-ly swooning for Roth
Any author that can make the (R) Astaroth into the (L) Roth is my kinda author! *wink*

Roth words only increased Layla’s internal conflict since her adopted family have taught her to loathe her demonic powers, to hate part of herself. Her only  comfort is her ability to tag demons to better help the Wardens during their hunt, the very act Roth warned her to stop performing. Conflicting information rattles in her mind, Layla goes home to re-think the days even only to stumble into a tense home. Abot, the leader of the DC Warden Clan, raised Layla from a young age, there isn’t a fatherly relationship between them when compared to relationship  between Zayne, Abot’s son and Layla-Bug. Wayne and Layla have a long boy next door history, that made me fall madly in love with Zayne. How can you not fall in love with a guy whose always protected you? *Sigh* But then he failed to protect Layla from his own kind when she needed the help the most.

“People with the purest souls are capable of the greatest evils.”

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The end of  White Hot Kiss, left me feelings completely bare, it also gave Zayne a chances to be there for Layla. I’m going to take a chances when I say, “I feel” that if Roth was not “sent away” by the end of the first novel, Roth would have changed Zayne’s ringtone on Layla’s phone to THIS.

Throughout the entire second novel I was just wanting for an explanation on what was happening to Roth.View Spoiler » I could not commit my feelings to Zayne especially after what happen before Patr enter the woods after Layla. However as a critical thinker, I do appreciate JLA giving her characters full range of depth along with options to create an extensive character growth.

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Now I know I could go deeper into the series, explaining why I love the villains, the side characters as well as the entire writing technique of JLA, but that might overwhelm you. I also know that some of you might not have read the series so I would like for you to explore the series, and discover for yourself it the book truly worth this much love!

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Thank you so much for reading my little fangirl moment.
I don’t say this often enough but I truly appreciate your time

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