WIP Copic Marker Fear!

Thursday, May 18th 2017

She’s all inked and ready to be painted. I’m going to scan her into the computer. I’m not sure I’m going to finish painting her through digital media or work with my new set of Copic Markers. I think no matter I use I’m going to be nervous! She is so gorgeous!

Look at those lips! Those lips are so gorgeous! UGHS! I want to kiss her but the lack of iris make me want to rethink that entire adventure. I just love her so much! I need to name her when this is over! I mainly bought Copic Markers because I have an extremely hard time finding the right skin tone.

Copic Markers are s suppose to be the top dog of art markers, they are alcoholic markers and they are refillable. Plus they are extremely expensive when you compared them to other art markers out there in the market. I’ve seen so many great artist use Copic Markers in great success. They are great quality markers that are of course alcohol based markers, but they have such great ease that I finally bought them. Mind you, my wallet is crying but hopefully this artwork books both my mind and my wallet to ease. Sometimes investing to you’re artwork or hobby is a gamble that will hopefully pay off more ways than one!
My dream or major hope is to make art pieces good enough to feel comfortable to sell on Society 6. But first I have to be brave and color the drawing…



I forgot to tell ya’ll that there are two images that I am working on! One is obviously already inked and ready for my courage to color, and the other one is a guy. Not really sure what I’m doing with him…. since this photo has been taken I have changed him a lot and I’m still not happy! UGHS
I need to do some art work!
Lia Out!



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