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Tuesday, February 9th 2016

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Net gallery and Less Than Three Press publication have agreed for me to read an advance copy of Written in Stone by David Connor, in exchange for an honest review. Now let me just say, this novel is a LGBTQIA, Romance novel, which is safe to say that it’s  yummy adult content.
You have been warned!

I gave this novel a solid 3 stars

This novel really surprised me because the characters are actually more mature than your average  new adult novel. I love the way David Connor wrote the dialogue of our protagonist Geoff. We spend much of our time listening to the internal banter of Geoff mind as he constantly replaying the events of his past that lead him here. Leaving any type of relationship good or bad takes time to move on from. Geoffrey is experiences with age which he believes is going to make life difficult. This is still the case with Geoffrey, but even more painful because he lost his dog along with his beloved. It’s not revealed until about half way through the novel how exactly Geoffrey became suddenly single. I’m not going into detail on the extent of what happened to our beloved composer, but let’s just say Geoffrey needed to be single!

 I truly  loved this novel, how can you not fall in love with someone who survives so much pain yet attempting to restart again. Oh I love the dialogue between Kent and Geoffrey when they literally define what it means to be a good provider; good lover; good pet owner; and what he is not.  Even though I love this novel I still believe an extra 100 pages would have made the novel a little more dramatic, or created a better tension between Geoffrey and his mysterious admirer who writes encouraging messages in chalk on stone.  I would have liked more time between Geoffrey and his mysterious admirers, perhaps more time to heal, but if Geoffrey ready for a new relationship so am I!
I enjoyed reading this love and I’m really happy to have had the chances to read it before it’s publication date.

Please make sure to pick up a copy of Written in Stone by David Connor
March 2nd 2016

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